ke2By Goth Mohamed Goth

Vice President Abdurrahman Abdullah Ismael Salyici speaking at an event held in Minnesota, USA explained that the reason for Somaliland engaging in the dialogue process with Somalia was to resolve future relations based on two separate entities.

The VP and Somaliland Diaspora discussed matters pertaining ongoing development projects initiated by the current government and the prospects of introducing similar projects in the country in the future.

The VP speaking to members of Somaliland Diaspora in Minnesota, USA during the briefed them of measures introduced by his government aimed at improving the living conditions of Somaliland citizens through better access to both basic physical, social services, health care, jobs and education and the cohesion between government, opposition political parties and citizens is at an all-time high.

“The main reason we entered into the talks with the federal government of Somalia was to resolve future relations based on two separate entities and we have since then meet on seven occasions in the presence of international community,. The SL /Somalia talks have raised awareness about the aspiration of the people and the country”, he said

Somaliland Vice President went on to say, “The current government of Somaliland is obliged to safeguard and adhere to the constitution and to uphold the aspiration of the people and most importantly to encourage and promote national unity that’s why we always insist that we are two different and distinct countries one colonized by Britain and the other by Italy.