VP launches the construction of two roads in the city

The Joint Programme for Local Governance (JPLG) is meant to bolster the capacities of the civic authority in dispensing their duties.

The sentiments were made by the Vice President H.E. Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail (Saili’i) in Berbera on Wednesday.

The VP who happens to head the programme laid the foundation stones to be paved and constructed in the town. He was conducted on an inspection tour by the Berbera mayor of various programmes implemented in the municipality.

Officials from the Berbera local government briefed the VP about the projects they implemented in the process of decentralizing public services, the activities they carried out this year and the previous year, and the plans for the year 2023.

In underscoring the onerous tasks facilitated by the JPLG programme, the VP noted the imperativeness of equipping the employees of the civic authority with proficiency acumen that would see their service input operate responsibly and diligently.

He said that before funding was given to local governments, staffers were to be prepared fully to grapple with the tasks and expand their knowledge and values in all aspects so that subsequent funds may be entrusted to able hands.

He added, “we are a country whose economy is growing hence the institutions should be well managed.”

Mayor of Berbera Cllr. Abdishakur Mohamud Hassan observed that in the past Local Governments did not have the ability to support social services without being directly funded “but in recent times they have been able to support a lot in education and health services”.

He revealed that Berbera is now ready to take over 100% of the education service in 2023.

The VP laid the foundation stone for two new roads, namely the Telesom road and the construction of the new road in the Sabawanaag neighborhood that will be implemented in Berbera.