Omar_DualehI have been in Somaliland since 5th July, 2013 and I have studied carefully and in depth what the people of Somaliland believe about these two parties, regardless of what the ruling party has done in the short 5 years. I am someone who believes Somaliland in the born marrow, and I do not have any political affiliation until now.

Studying, the current tribal impulse of our politics, I thought of sharing the following with my people:

We know the current ruling party was chosen and elected in majority in 2010 and the government formed from that victory has done a lot, when you compare its predecessors, but the progress that this government has done, is shadowed by something unprecedented, and it’s the believe of masses that, certain people benefits most of what this country has gained during those years, or achieved during the years elapsed. That is tribal impulse, and that is extra in our society, and it blinds specially those who melt politics in our country, whereas the majority sees things differently, and appreciate, what the current government has done it, compared to President Riyaale government who ruled the country 8 long years, but has not  built a descent office dur ing its tenure.

In contrast, the eagerly fighting party for power – Wadani, is way behind the ruling party in two different reasons, namely, almost all those who run the show now [except the Chairman], are from the ruling party, but joined to the new party for a reason, and that is squarely power hungry, while they in the eyes of the people of Somaliland, political failures, and will not contribute any good to this party and the country at all.

Secondly, the tribal impulse we suffer is more in this party, and fast majority of the people believe it’s fighting for the power through tribal goals, and its expectations are based solely on that. I wonder if there is a chance for such party to get majority vote in the next election.  I believe it will not, because the heavy weights that currently in picture are those whom the ruling party has fire and consumed their credibility in either their tribes or constituencies, and the people now see they are there for their personal interest, and not for the people whom they claim to represent politically.

The bitter reality on the ground is that, those we see at the TV Screens every day and the support they cry loud is fake beyond any doubt, because its short lived process of kickbacks of the day consumption, and you cannot count on these masses. They fade with the thin air, at the day of election, and by-in-large go to those who pay more. I am not insulting or discrediting my people, but it reflects the mania on the ground.

Well if the situation is that for both above two parties, why is the third party UCID cannot be the alternative, and why our flamboyant politician Mr. Waraabe and his presidential candidate Mr .J. A. Hussein, cannot make use of the situation, by raising the awareness of the undecided  and the opposition to those heavyweight parties. Why most of our people do not see UCID is the best option for tomorrow Somaliland? I believe UCID is the only party that does not suffer the tribal impulse that exists in both other parties, and they deserve to be given the chance to take the seat of power.

I am not frequent in politics talks, but I thought of expressing my feelings and what is going on today in my Somaliland.



Omer Hussein Dualeh

Hargeisa – Somaliland