Chairman of the opposition party UCID Eng. Faisal Ali Warabe said that Somaliland is always committed to its right to protect its borders.

Eng. Feyal pointed out that the border of Somaliland along the Puntland regional administration of Somalia is similar to the borders of other countries in Africa, all of which have their borders mapped out by the European colonial powers.

Governor Faisal Ali Warabe, who had an interview over the week at the office of the UCID party with Universal television, discussed various issues regarding the situation in the country, the elections, the conflict between the allied groups in Sool region, and other issues.

Eng. Faysal, while reporting on his recent trip to the frontline of the JSL national army deployment in Oog, while wearing the uniform of the Somaliland national army, said, “The army, whether in Oog or Tukaraq, is the national army. They are the ones we are indebted to in safeguarding security protection and UCID has all along stood by them”.

On the security along the national borders he said, “Every country has the right to has to protect his borders. The borders of Djibouti, and the border of Italian-colonized Somalia, the NFD of Kenya, the DDS of Ethiopia, were all established by the European powers in 1885, and ours is no different”.

He noted that the Charter of the African Union states that the borders inherited from the European colonialists are sacred and “so our border is similar to those”.

He called upon Somalilanders abroad to play a major role in the defense of the nation.

He pointed out that his party supports the efforts of the mediation committee in addressing disputes arising from the elections.

“That is why we need even more to restore the glory of Somaliland and secure the borders of the country”, he said.