The Diaspora Office under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation of the Republic of Somaliland is highly appreciative to the patriotic efforts of the dedicated diaspora space lobbyists of Somaliland and their consequential activism to advance Somaliland’s cause.

We are especially grateful to the Republic of Somaliland Advocates (Those of their team in Somaliland namely Deka Abdale and Mohamed Hussein and their more members living abroad) for a greatening celebration of the 63rd Anniversary of Somaliland Independence Day 26 June with respect to the high-level event held at Crown Hotel Hargeisa on the Saturday Evening June 24th which brought together nearly 100 participants among others included Government Officials, civil servants, MPs, Somaliland Scouts Veterans, local community activists, media staff, members from Somaliland diaspora and other distinguished guests as well.

We are also grateful to the Vice President of Somaliland, H.E. Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail (Saylici), Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation, Hon. Dr. Essa Kaid Mohamoud, MP Suleiman Mohamed Farah (Goox), Chairman of Miisaan Political Association, Mujaahid/Prof. Abdisalan Yasin Mohamud, Deputy Mayor of Hargeisa, Khadar Ahmed Nour, Mujaahid Sahra Ahmed Mohamoud (Sahra Halgan) and other officials who attended to honor commemoration of Somaliland Independence Day, our national history and to show our appreciation to seven members of our heroes, Somaliland Scouts Veterans. All the speakers in the same tone of voice encouraged such imperative initiative of the die-hard diaspora activists towards protecting and preserving national history and at the same time educating young generations of Somaliland about the true history of the Republic of Somaliland as marked by 26 June 1960 on receiving independence as the state of the Republic Somaliland.

Dressed in their Khaki uniform, the Somaliland Scouts Veterans who are elders and had much experience in the history of Somaliland during the British rule and the post-colonial were enthusiastically excited by the event and recounted inspiring stories about history.

Finally, both the Vice President and the Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation emphasized that the annual celebration of the Independence Day (26 June) shall promoted in the same way respect the National Day (18 May) is commemorated nationwide and abroad.

Diaspora Office, MoFAIC Hargeisa,

Republic of Somaliland

We appreciate Initiatives and Activism of the Dedicated National Diaspora