When it comes to education, specifically in classes, few of the students always dominate. It is one of the teacher’s main challenges how to balance the class- the acumen and the tedious students. Each has got to be educated in the best way possible. Each student has got the right to be motivated and reinforced in regarding his or her situation.

In Somaliland public school students are put into classes without any kind planning for how the class should be run. Academically best students and lowest students sit in the same forms. This always leads to total maladjustment in the classroom- lack of understanding, disturbance, and confusing interaction among pupils.   

First and foremost, diagnostic tests are to be taken in every grade at the beginning of each academic year. The students should be grouped according to their grades. For example, in mathematics class, students get grades between 85% and 100% should be classmates. Students receive grades between 75% and 84% should be classmates. Students get grades between 65% and 74% should be classmates, and so on. This kind of grouping puts the classmates almost on the same page. They understand the details together because their level of understanding and academic is close. The grouping based on grades also helps the teacher to prepare the suitable lesson for every class. Advanced classes might be given different kind of explanations and homework from the lower level classes.

 Grouping-based-grade is effective way to motivate pupils. Every student can challenge his or her classmate. Higher level students will work hard in order not fall into lower level classes. Lower and middle level students will pore over the books to join the higher level classes. The overall outcome is to be long hours of studies for everybody.

This system can be tough unless teacher-rotation is changed to student-rotation. One student can be good at English but not at physics. Such student may attend advanced class in English but lower level class in physics. To do this, whenever a period is over, each student is to move to his or her designed class, but teacher should not move. For example, the biology teacher stays in a specific class, Biology-Class, and different level students visit him there each period.

Changing the current public-school managing is necessary for both psychologically and academically: same level classmates could fly as a flock and the teachers could run the business smoothly. But when a tedious and a bright student sit in a same chair, confusion and undesirable interaction must overshadow the classroom.