By Goth Mohamed Goth  

Hargeisa- Somaliland Minister of Defense Hon Ahmed Haji Abdillahi Cadami today in a press statement released by the Ministry of Defense dismissed reports carried by local media which alleged troops loyal to the semi autominious  Puntland  were still dug in along the its border Somaliland in preparation of major battle over territory it claims belongs to Puntland.

The Ministry of Defense Press Statement released today stated as follows:

“We are still waiting the response of local leaders who have requested us to give them time to negotiate with Puntlands Army units who are said for the first time to be amassing close our borders in territory which has also being under our jurisdiction, we told the peace delegation that our they shouldn’t test our patience, that’s why we have two alternatives on the table , one is for them to cease all hostilities and pull their troops back or else shall be forced to act with all means in our disposal,” He stated.

Somaliland Defense Minister said, “The other side after carefully weighing the consequences of their uncalculated actions they decided to pull back their troop to the previous positions without any further delay in order to avert the current standoff escalating into full military confrontations.  

Hon Cadami went on to say, “On the intervention of local leaders we choose peace over war this time but let it be known that this won’t be the case next time and we shall be forced to take appropriate in order to teach them a lesson once and for all ,we can’t always afford can’t stand further incursions into our scared territory anymore, blaming Puntland for formatting the latest hostilities.



  1. Abdiweli – the president of Puntland has been calling for war against Somaliland since the end of last has been reported that he took a project from Mogadishu that would be creating instability in Somaliland as part of Mogadishus destablising programmme in Somaliland. On the other hand this man is spreading a deadly ideology of Daroodism which every Somali person knows that this policy is the current product of Somali problems as Siyad Bare failed to implement it. This theory waged a war in Ethiopia in 1977 and created a gorilla group by the name of OLNF. The Puntland people should rise up and stop this monister before its too late.

  2. It is easy to start war, but hard to reach peace. No no benefits war and if it is true that this guy of Puntland is eager to destroy peaceful years enjoyed by Somaliland and Puntland people, I guess it is going to be his loss in big time.

    • Also I am a refugee in Somaliland but originally from Somalia, I have a good business in Hargeisa so I really don't want any war.

      • You are lucky to live in peace. Do not cause infliction to your self now. Concentrate your business and stay out of politics

          • @Layla
            Pardon me for any misunderstanding. Never interested to have business in there. I am pretty comfortable where I am. My intention was to suggest you to stay in between lines without any hostility to your self..

          • @Zee
            First I am a hustler and hostility is in my nature and I am alway in between lines Mogadishu is my nickname and my ex husband is alshabaab.

          • Zee listen I don't deal with diamonds or any sacrificial stuff I owned a farm and I grow bananas I am the biggest banana dealer in horn Africa and yes I do like watching Zee tv
            when I am not counting my bananas.

  3. If it breaks out war between Somaliland and Puntland then the IC will get its eyes on Somaliland. Refugees will again pour into Europe and their investment into Somalia will look more wasted than it already is.

    Then the IC will try to negotiate a peace deal, and Somaliland will demand its colonial boarders and independency.

    If the IC recognized Somaliland then the region would be safer and more stable and Somaliland woul have better chances of develop and decide her future.

  4. The ridicolous hostilty between Sland Pland must end and end now. The two can gain much from working together rather than working against each other. Puntland is Somaliland's strategic depth on the East and the South. Any Mogadshu organised invasion must pass through Puntland which is impossible. More immediately, Puntland is the firewall between Al-Shabab and Somaliland although our own homegrown monsters fed with the alien cult of Salafism can self-start and almost certainly will.

    Puntland is wrong to claim Eastern Sool and sanag on clan affliaition. It is actually quite embarrassing for them to do so. But somaliland is also wrong to always talk up Puntland as some sort of enemy.

    Stop. Think. negotiate.

  5. Iga raalli ahow

    I don’t understand how Somaliland can just annex a big chunk of land. From both Somalia and Puntland. Like Russia did to Ukraine. Is Somaliland really that strong? Are they a super power like Russia ? How does a relatively small Population conquer and occupy like the Israelis and thumb their nose at the federal government in Mogadishu and get away with it. Puntland has the the power of the “darood” clan behind them which easily out number the landers yet all they do is make idol threats. Somalia has the power of the international community behind them. Yet they refuse to act, can you imagine Ethiopia allowing Ogadenia to succeed the union. Or Israelis giving an inch to Palestine. Or Syria letting the rebels have what they want. Or Russia allowing Chechnya to break away, or China allowing Tibet to break away. I’m confused how does Somaliland with no military aid and their only source of income is from sheep and goats is stronger than Puntland and Somalia combined.

    • Southside. lett me tell you something. somaliland has no interest in puntland or somalia in proper. you are amassed how can somaliland cheive such a huge task. the answer is simple. somaliland annex nothing, somaliland acupy no where. the fact is somaliland is not one tribe as you would like to be, but is five tribes that live in peace. there for somaliland is where they are becouse people wants them to be there. and every region takes care it is affeirs independently.

      • I agree Somaliland has no Interest in Puntland or Somalia. But the problem is Puntland and Somalia have great interest in Somaliland which causes tension and great deal of saber rattling. I am also aware that Somaliland consists of more than one tribe. That’s why I used the term Lander. And Somalia would beg to differ, about annexation. That’s why the international community has yet to recognize Somaliland as an independent state.

    • @southside
      My friend you are deluded first you must understand the history of Somaliland.
      Somaliland's territory is well-known by the international community ever since independents from the Britain.
      Somaliland territory is not based on one clan but all those clans that inhabit Somaliland.
      And lastly big yes militarily Somaliland is superior than whole of Somalia.

      • My friend you didn’t answer my question why is Somaliland stronger? Is because of corruption in Puntland and Somalia ? Is it because of lack of leadership of Puntland and Somalia officials? Is it because Somaliland officials are accountable to their electorate. Do they allocate a higher percentage of their GDP towards Defense. Why is Somaliland militarily superior?

    • somaliland is stronger than puntland and somali because it's people have an irone will, and the reason why somalia and puntland want dare to attack somaliland is because they know that if they do attack somalilan will finaly have it's revenge one's and for all. Tey are afraid that they may wake the sleeping monster

  6. the puntalandia president better hush before faysal warabe puts his foot up his arse, he already got silenced once before.

    Somaliland is supported by its people no one wants puntalandia the minority siyad barre allied nut ters amount to a camel fart in the wind in the eastern regions and as far as somali politics and power goes.

    Everyone pitties the weak, Jealousy you have to earn and puntalandia, somalia aint got nothing but xasiidnimo but that just means we are on the right track! Haters gone hate, we just keep on grinding!

  7. Puntaland has set itself up as the enemy of Somaliland for no good reason other than to continue where siyad left off. Its not Somalilanders that are starting stuff its always some minority ssc groud funded by puntaland or puntaland itself.

    Thats like japanese immigrants claiming half of California when they really comprise only 2% of the actually population.

    Landers have been way too decent considering what has happened during the war, after being given immunity you would think they would think twice. If they're not careful the elders might set loose the cluster frack they have been keeping at bay for the sake of peace and then puntaland and dhulbahante will really have something to cry about.