Everywhere around us, there are leaders; at school, at home, on the playground, sports field or in government. Leaders have a responsibility to lead their followers well and to be a good example to them. It is important to know who our leaders are and to be able to judge if they are good or bad leaders. In history, it is also important to study the stories of the leaders who have shaped our country and our world to look like it does today. When we study leaders, their achievements and their mistakes, we can learn from them to be better leaders ourselves.

What kinds of leaders do you know?

The word leader can have different meanings. It can be somebody who guides others in a certain direction. In other words, a leader can show people where to go, what to do and how to do it. It can also be somebody who controls or rules a group. For example, the leader of a country, like the president, is the one who rules the country. Sometimes a leader can be the most important person in specific group, like the leader of a company, who is the boss of everybody who works there. At the same time,

There are many leaders all around us. There are leaders at school, in your family, in the governments of the country, province and city, in your community, and maybe even in your circle of friends. Some cultures in our country have their own kings or queens. We call them traditional leaders.Let’s look at some of the different kinds of leaders: 1. At school, the school principal, your teacher, your prefects and your class captain are all leaders.2. At home, your parents can be the leaders of your family.3. The coach and the captain of your sports team are leaders.4. You might have a religious leader, 5 Political leaders include the president, ministers, premier of your province and the leaders of political parties.6. Somebody who organised a public protest or campaign is a leader.7. The leader of your city or town is the mayor.9. Somebody who starts a project by which the community can benefit, like a soup kitchen, a charity organisation, building schools and other community buildings, even create a lovely park in which we can relax and enjoy the environment.

Throughout history, there have been many leaders who have influenced people and events. When we study history, we often study the people who were important leaders, like kings and queens, army generals, and important explorers or inventors. It is important to know about the leaders of your country, and those who were important in history. But it is also important to remember that it is not only the most obvious leaders who make history happen the way it does. There are and have been many other men and women who played an important role in history. Their names might not be on the list of the greatest leaders in history, but in a small or big way their lives could have influenced others to make a difference. When we study them, we can then also learn a lot from them. Their actions and values can serve as an example to us. So it is important to know what makes a good leader, so that we can recognize good leaders and learn from them.

What makes a good leader?

Leaders have a great responsibility. They should always be a good example to the people they lead. If they are elected by the people, they should take special care not to go against the will of


  1. Leadership is an art, a belief and a condition of the heart. The visible signs of artful leadership are expressed ultimately in its practice. Leadership is lifting a person's vision to higher sights, building of a personality beyond its normal limitations. In fact, great leadership is about human experiences, not processes.

    All great leaders know that their prime responsibility is cultivating their own discipline and personal growth. I believe that leadership is a learned behaviour, within the grasp of many, and not just few. Leadership starts with having a vision, then developing a plan to achieve it. It is a noble challenge . In all cases, a vision of the future is the key to getting started as a leader. I believe that Siilaayo lacks this vision.

  2. Kuluc: Not only does he lack those traits but this is a man more defined by his experience in the SNM days where he introduced tribal favoritism. For example assigning Osman Indhoole as his treasurer which resulted in siphoning off the SNM funds through Dahabshiil whereby he purchased a £500,000 house in London. We are all familiar with the enmity he put between the SNM fighters and dividing them into groups. They later revolted against his divisive leadership. Such was Siilaanyo's history – the always divisive character. Look no further than what is happening in Burao. There is a green line between East and West Burao. The divisiveness is so bad that even schools are separate, no student crosses the green line to either side. It is one of the reasons Burao's team failed in the regional football competition. Thanks to Siilaanyo's leadership.

  3. Abdi/Kuluc,
    Whether or not Sillanyo's leadership has been provened as the greatest leader of all times. It should depend on who you ask. if you ask me he certainly is. I won't get into details because what have read in your comments thus far, you have no desire for facts.

    • qaal

      One is longely, two is company and three a crowd. Siilaanyo is far from being one that can create a company, leave alone a crowd. Who is asking you who Siilaanyo is? KKK

    • Osman: 2 questions for you. Where did the half a million pound he purchased his house come from?
      Did SNM officers revolt against him?