By Hared Odah


The political drama in Somaliland is getting exciting by the day. People are lining up to take a front seat in Hargeisa’s Theater of Politics for the upcoming showdown between Silanyo’s Minister of the Presidency, Mr. Hersi Haji, and the Speaker of the Parliament, Mr. Abdirahman Irro.


At a recent Liverpool event hosted by some of the UK Somaliland diaspora, the Minister has bragged about his political prowess. He made his points through not so funny folklore anecdotes and in the process ridiculed the Speaker of House as unworthy opponent who was just lucky in passing one by-law in Parliament because of his absence.


According to Media reports, both the Minister and the Speaker are getting ready for a showdown. The Minster is back from his UK trip and is betting on his usual tactics that carried him a winner so far. The Speaker is also back from his Ethiopia trip, and he is rumored to have become changed man. He is infuriated by Hersi’s sarcasm lighlty, and WADDANI supporters are asking him to take a strong stance against the Public ridicule of the Minister.


Hersi speaking moments after he arrived in the country

Upon his arrival at Hargeisa’s Egal Airport, the Speaker has delivered a short public speech intended as a pep talk to his MP supporters to step up to Hersi’s challenge and defend their honor too. It is believed that his advisors are urging the Speaker to use the Minister’s gaffe for public support for WADDANI Party. They are counting on the Speaker — who is surely determined to show what he is really made of — to show all Somalilanders once for all that “HE IS THE MAN!”


The Speaker knows full well that if he loses the match to Hersi, he may as well kiss good bye to his dream of becoming the next President of Somaliland. All eyes will be soon glued to the TV for all Somalilanders to see “WHO COUGHS UP MILK FIRST!”


Hope we enjoy the showdown. HORNCABLE TV is expected to carry the showdown event live, or events for that matter. As for anyone planning to watch on UNIVERSAL TV, don’t count on it. It is already banned in Somaliland and will certainly not carry the event or events. For those few who still get there news from QARANKA TV, get prepared for an edited versiion tailored to Minster’s EGO! Guess why?



  1. Hi Harwd,

    Thank you for a well-thought off, well written, well-witted article. Great, please continue giving us, the readers of this great site, more and more. Thanks again.

  2. Hi Hared,

    Thank you for a well-thought off, well written, well-witted article. Great, please continue giving us, the readers of this great site, more and more. Thanks again.

    • I don't see any reason you praise this writer as he is only narrating what was already shown on TV screens without any deep analysis of a sort. Nothing in this missive warrants to heap accolades on the writer unless it is posted by the same writer to bust up his image here, which is unethical on his part.

  3. He who will cough up Milk and ooze biles out of his nose is plain for all to see. Politics has many more puzzles than what ignorant might think. The danger of ignorance is that people will understand you.

  4. Jahliga mashaakiladahiisu way badan yihiin. Ilaahaw badawga naga nabad geli ayaa nebigu yidhi. Ninkan 1974 qaxootigii bali weyn laga keenay dabadeedna gaha la geeyay hadana shalamboot laga tuuray ee dunidu u tahay qoryaale oo uu riyo ku raaci jiray iyo Baliweyn oo uu bartay dagaalkii SNMta. Siyaasada iyo reer magaalnimada waa loo dhashaa maaha wax buug laga akhriyo sida accountingka. Siyaasadu waxay ku dhisantay falsafad iyo feker xeeldheer. Caana riyaad aad ka dheregtay siyaasi kaa dhigi mayso

    • Naa xishood oo mar uun marwo is ka dhig, Ileen reer man aad caysid habeen iyo maalin ayaa ku qabee. Ileeyn caga boodhley ma waynaato?

      • Never mind she was in the UK for more than twenty-five years and gets her forms filled up. All she knows is to talk about the people she is married to. I will bring her file on the screen very soon for all to read.

  5. Did anyone watch Jamal Ali Hussein on HCTV? A dinner party was thrown for him by members of his clan in Burao and you could see him feeling happy and nodding in approval when one of his tribe's men said that Somaliland will be ruled if a Ciise Muse is elected to become the President and after that statement all the attendees began clubbing in a approval too, instead of condemning him. That was not all Jamal tried to copy Hersi's joke, but failed to get any laugh from even the Esse Muse supporters, who were present in that event. Looooool

    • Kkkkkkkkk I watched and it was very funny and shocking at the same time. I showed level of ignorance of the accountant.

  6. Though I didn't find it funny the comment (about Riyaha) Hirsi made in Liverpool I still believe any Debate between Xirsi & Cirro will be won by the minister any day. Xirsi waa Aftahan inkastoo ay marmar Offside ka gasho balse Cirro Innan Xishoonaysa waxaan ahayn kkkkk Also very indecisive.

  7. Cirro waa jaahil aan siyaasad waxba ka aqoon,waxaana ku shaqaysta inamo yar yar oo jaahiliin aha, markii horena faqash ayuu ahaan jirey oo ina cali waraabe ayaa ku shaqaysan jirey, wadana luguma aamini karo ninka golihii baarlamaanka yidhi kusi dheer oo aad dundumo moodo ha la ii dhiso dadka kalena dhulka ha fadhiisteen, makaas ayaa waddan dhan lagu aanmini karaa, jawaabtu waa maya