Wisdom is the highest level of the intellectuality. Allah Says in Qur’an “He who is granted Wisdom, has indeed been blessed with the greatest of gifts”

In this world of ours, not everyone likes everyone else, however, living together is possible, and its increasingly becoming necessary as we realize that the cost of getting rid of people we don’t like is becoming expensive, So A better idea is for different people of different principles and civilization is to learn to live together.

today, technology is drawing peoples of different background too close for comfort, while corrupted politicians and bad economic and political decisions they make every day are forcing many Somalilanders to leave their native towns to seek a safer havens in the west, which is already devastated by financial crisis in addition to a global warming hovering over our heads caused by deforestation, mass production and urbanization.

So, in a conflict of interest, the best way to resolve the conflict is with wisdom, which is the missing ingredient in our government political value-chain pot.

As we know, the value chain that leads to wisdom begins with raw data, then, set of Information, then a Knowledge base, and at the end, a Pure Wisdom.

There is an absence of constitutional governance under the cur­rent government and the voices of the citizens are not listened to. Somaliland is run by a privileged few who do not reflect the interest and views of the majority of the population.

The central government is burdened, very bureaucratic and corrupt.

The current regime exercised to use the mayors and the elected Member of Parliaments as the ruling party’s organ and under the government executive. This will deter us from saving our democracy, which was watered by the sweat and blood of many patriots, long before this group of opportunists stormed the political panorama

Corruption is stifling the social-economic life of ordinary Somalilanders and the sums of money and personalities involved are incredible.

Poverty is choking most ordinary Somalilanders while a few people are basking in the National Wealth due to poor priority setting and institutionalized corruption under the current Government. Corruption is thriving under weak Public Sector Management and Administration.

On the international front, Somaliland lacks a comprehensive foreign policy. The position of the current government on international issues has mainly been reactive rather than proactive. As a result, the Government position with respect to the burning international issues of our time is dictated by expediency and mob psychology. The current Government foreign policy is not proactive as shown by the Government’s agitation against the democratization and diplomatic recognition of the country.

The currently Somaliland foreign policy is disastrous and would soon lead to another reunification if the public don’t wake up and challenge this nightmare foreign policy.

This government seems to be eager and willing to share the same platform with Puntland, Galmudug, Jubbaland and the TGF at every opportunity it gets.

Their hidden agenda has come too materialized to all honest Somalilanders and it is apparent that we are not heading for diplomatic recognition but another dreadful reunification.

God save Somaliland

Abdi Halim M. Musa



  1. Heres the thing with democracy if you dont like your mayor or what he or she is doing then vote them out. All these people screaming curruption ok come next election you have a choice. Also, during this time you can work peacfully to inact change. Protest, bring the problems you see to attention with proof to the public. Simple as that. Screaming curruption without proof makes you suspect, bc its always the ones picking your pocket who will scream its someone else.

    The government is trying to get us independence and sooner or later we are going to need to talk to the other side whether they listen to us or not at least we can say we tried. For some its like this administration is damned if they do and damned if they dont. If they didnt talk to the tfg someone would be screaming that they arnt trying hard enough, if they did, someone is claiming we are the best of friends calm the heck down and think. For someone who claims to have a handle on wisdom dude sounds confused.

  2. Musa,

    How can you explain Irro being advised by the Madasha group which includes Mr. Abdirahman Abdulqadir who just returned from Mogadishu after Foosiya was fired and he lost securing ambassadorship position?

    How can you convince us that Silanyo who fought for Somaliland independence is working for Mogadishu and Irro who worked for Mogadishu until 2000 is the independence hero?

    Do you have any proof that the government is paying bribes? If you are a true Somalilander, why would you politicize development projects?

  3. Author,

    Do you want to know what conflict of interest means? then look no further it applies to Cirro, who is a leader of a political party and wants not only to keep the position of the speaker, but used dictatorial tactics to boost his image. Just look how high he physically placed his speaker's seat. Loooooooool

  4. Why do Irro supporters resort to tribalism when someone raises a valid question about Irro or his party? Is Wadani a rogue one- tribe party or what?

  5. I am not a fun of Hersi but let us admit that his predictions came true. Wadani has goat milk seeping from their nose and here is why, the whole Wadani arguement has boiled down to Hersi this and Hersi that cheap insults and resorting to clan-protests. I have yet to see a single person of Hersi's clan defending him, when on the other side, people are Hersi-bashing and defending Irro on tribal bases. If you do not call this a milk seep, I don't know what milk seep is.

    • Mr. Fiidow and Salah shame on you. You are not real men. Please apologize to the lady and either answer her with respect or shut up.

      Inaadeer my respects to you but I disagree with your opinion. Wadani is a national party and does not engage in personal attacks against an individual whether it is Hersi or someone else. Wadani represents ideas and is a state of mind on its own. It is against clanism, corruption and all things evil. It is for freedom of speech, education, sovereignty of Somaliland and justice while Kulmiye has lead us to corruption, tribalism, injustice, depriving of the freedom of the press.

  6. All roads lead to unification via Mogadishu whether by opposition or by the ruling elites, not that no one is admitting to it. I fail to see any problem or disaster if we go for re-unification if done right this time. I think the isolation alternative we undertook was a lost path to nowhere.
    If anything else, IMHO the past quarter century we suffered more than, and far worse than anything else our brothers of the south could cause to us anymore.

    • You must have had the worst hallucinogen ever cut by South American mafia. Who is we? we have nothing with you , cheap imposer from Mogadishu.

      • I was on something to suggest dump re-unification idea. Some fresh arrival leafiness got the better of me and forced me those stupid stuff following, although (to answer to your we question) am still think we, we as Somaliland suck on our own.