By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Minister of Water Resources and the Director of Hargeisa Agency have revealed that more than 40 firms from all over the world have submitted their tenders to expand the existing Hargeisa water supply grid during a joint press conference.

Director of Hargeisa water agency Mr. Ibrahim Said speaking during the press briefing said, “The visiting   representatives of the 40 firms came to the country after the UN-Habitat which has been tasked to oversee the expansion of the Hargeisa water advertised the contract on behalf of the EU which will be providing the funds for the project and representatives of those firms will be in the coming days visit the main sources of water that supply the city of Hargeisa and they will also visit the eastern and northern areas of Hargeisa which are currently receiving little or no water all.

“The representatives of the at least 40 firms from Africa, Asia and Europe present here today are those ones who have placed their tenders and have been invited here today to do assessments and evaluate the expansion work needed to be done for the Hargeisa water supply.

The Minister of Water Resources Hon Hussein Mohamed Abdille said, “Further the additional water will see an increase of household connections and a sharp reduction in water trucking to the capital through un-hygienic water tankers pumping water from contaminated shallow riverbed aquifers.

Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland, has a rapidly growing population. The principal water infrastructure for the city was built in the 1970s, and is not only aged and dilapidated, but also cannot meet the growing demand for clean, potable water. Hargeisa’s limited water availability is a critical shortcoming in essential service delivery, and seriously impedes the right to water access and local economic development. 

HUWSUP will replace the current twin-transmission main that runs from the principal well field at Geed Deeble to Hargeisa with a high-capacity, single pipeline. This action will dramatically increase the capacity of Hargeisa’s system of supply from the current average of 9 million litres to a maximum capacity of 20 million litres a day: a 122 percent increase.

Upgrading the pumping and booster facilities will put in place up-to-date and cost-efficient technology, further securing the system for the long term.

By re-drilling  and rehabilitating the existing boreholes, and developing new ones, HUWSUP will increase the water supply by a minimum of 3.5 million litres every day, bringing Hargeisa closer to international minimum standards for urban water consumption. This water will be safe and affordable, improving the lives of Hargeisa residents.


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  1. I am sure Hirsi Gaab's firm–a firm that deals with everything, from camel herding procedures to the construction of nuclear plants, will be awarded.

  2. I'm afraid that our chief cabinet, Mr hersi will mismanage this very much needed project and the international firms will stop the work and abandon Somaliland.

  3. xaashee nin libin kaa xistiyay xumihii waa yaab buu yidhi abwaan salaan carabey waar intaad nin iyo naag xirsi uun ku wareegaysaan u mahad celiya wasiirkii hore ee macdanta iyo biyaha mud xuseen ducaale oo isagu ah masuulka xiniin yihiisa idiinku soo dhiciyay biyaha aad awoodi u waydeen labaatanki sano ee la soo dhaafay reer hargeysa af kanoole ayaan la hadlayaa oo wiliba xaal iyo gabadh ku maamuusa ileen widinki tuuga ugu yeedhi jiraye

  4. Hersi is exceeding his authority and clearly Silanyo is unwilling or unable to rein him in. What on earth has road building , foreign affairs, managing parliament conflicts and farming – amongst other portfolios – got to do with the Chief Cabinet?

    I disagree with the adosecent screeches of those who calim he is corupt. He is not. And, actually, he is quite efficient and he means well. None of these justfiy his encroaching on other departments' porfolios. He should stop and take a back seat or Silanyo should show some cojones and sack him or at least move him where he could do less damage to the govt.

  5. I think saying a bad comment about Hersi does not help might be encourage him would help him. Leave him with the creator is the best thing to do. And we need a patient look India and china how many millions there just one president, just think about it.

    • Kinsi

      The creator has nothing to do with Somaliland politics. It is our decsions, our responsbilities. Leave the Creator out of it.

      • Dear,
        When talking about Allah the Creater we need to address Him with respect. Alah Subhana Wa Tallah will judge eac one of us on each thing we say do hear carry eat wear drive fly with……ect.

        So politiecion or not each is responsible for his role whether President or cleaner. This has to be on the our sight.

        Thi is just an advice to the previpus writer I know he did not mean bad but when addresing Allah SUbhanau Watalla we have to do it in a manner of respect.