First Lady Amina Waris among participants attending the one day symposium on FGC

By Goth Mohamed Goth

A one day symposium aimed brought together  the various stakeholders to discuss how to bring FGC out into the open to discuss the harmful effects of this procedure and how to adopt effective ways of interventions in order stop FGC.

At the one day symposium stakeholders discussed ways to review the many different kinds of interventions that take place to stop FGC.

The First lady Amina Haji Jirde was among the dignitaries present at a forum said, “The government also strongly rejects FGC and supports laws against it

The Minister of Religious affairs Sheik Khalil speaking at the one day event said, “Although many people believe that FGC is associated with Islam, it is not. FGC is not supported by any religion and is condemned by many religious leaders. No holy text requires or even supports cutting female genitals. In fact, Islamic Shari’a protects children and protects their rights.

Although much is been done to raise awareness on the issue provide opportunities for people to discuss their knowledge of FGC, relate it to their situation, and consider other options. There is growing local support for condemning FGC and a call for severe penalties such as fines and jail terms to be given to those who practice it as a deterrent measure that works to stop FGC in Somaliland.

The Minister of Religious Affairs flanked by the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs led the various stakeholders drawn from the local and international NGO,s youth and Women groups in jointly condemning the practice.