Minister of Liivestock Hon. Dr. Abdi Aw Dahir has refuted reports carried in local newspapers that the management of privately owned Al Jaaberi livestock holding pens is planning to relocate to neighboring Somalia.

Dr. Abdi Aw Dahir speaking during a press conference held in his office yesterday said “Business is as usual at the privately owned Al Jaaberi livestock holding grounds which is situated in the port city of Berbera”.

“Both two livestock quarantines are operating normally and I can assure that neither of them plans to relocate simply because they have everything to gain and nothing to lose, a fact proven by the recent Hajj Pilgrim in which more than 1,200,000 herd of livestock was shipped to Saudi Arabia”< stated Dr. Abdi Aw Dahir.

The Livestock minister also revealed plans to export meat slaughtered in the country to Asian regions in the near future.

“Demand for meat is on the rise and new markets are opening up in successful Asia economies and we (Government) are determined to explore this markets so as find alternatives to the traditional Saudi Arabia market which has in the past been the main destination”.

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  1. Its time the Somalis started investing in slaughterhouses instead of giving the animals alive that way we don't just make more money but also become able to export our meat throughout the globe instead of being dependent on the Arabs 90%.

    • I concur Agriculture and livestock should be our main objectives to recovery,instead of hoping for oil and gas.For now oil and gas could put us back into civil war.

      • you guys can do whatever you want go discuss it on your website and get the f@&* off my site silly wanlaweyn. oil might cause you lots tostart beheading eachother and running like headless chicken for another 20 years.when we start pumping out that black gold i will send abuzubair back on steroids with new friends.

        • LOL.

          the day you get out of my city and stop bad mouthing my people while still claiming our land that day i will leave this website.

    • you dont need to invest in a slaughterhouse you have city sized slaughterhouses only problem is the livestock has been replaced with humans

    • You are thinking very clear, and if they could understand what you are talking about and your experience these dam jadiid educators. I assume you were working at JSP Financial Accounting section Mr. Qiiq. This is Kismayo.

  2. Don't you guys have any other place to go and comment? What not go to Waagacusub and Qarxisnes. Somalilandpress is for Somalilanders only. We are in a process of developing a gadget to identify the finger tips blood of Wanlaweyns and block them entirely.

  3. We are have our own opinions, I am not in faviour of Silanyo but I am an starting to dispair at the failure in Mog, it looks like the rule of the goverment is yet to be established, at least in Somaliland we can argue in peace.

      • Guys, I have feelings this is the real Kayse. lool Kayse welcome back abti ayaamahan ma wadaad baan noqotay, I hardly see you dagaaling with anyone, have you been swimming the Zamzam water in Maydh
        I guess that rehab Amal was telling us is working. LOOOL

  4. You know when a politician says "everything is normal", then its time to worry. Al-Jabaari is moving to Mogaddishu. The market is larger, he is getting a better deal, and the Arab countries are doing everything in their power to support the weak provisional government by strangling Somaliland. Mr. Minister let us get some Asian folks in Berbera, I hear Malaysia and Singapore love meat…