shaqale(2).jpgBy Goth Mohamed Goth

The chief of the general staff of Somaliland Armed forces General Mohamed Osman Shaqaale and accompanied by top armed forces officials have toured army units based in Sool region.

Major General Shaqale advised members of Somaliland armed forces to be vigilant and ready to defend the nation at all times.

The Army chief speaking to the press in Las Anod town said, “My current tour is part of periodic visits to check the preparedness and readiness of army forces units based in Hudun, Gambadha and Kalabaydh and our tour has in concluded in success.

Somaliland government has already beefed up security in the region and is determined to fend off any attempts to destabilize its borders and security forces in the region are expected to be on a high alert until further orders readiness so as to deal with any situation as it a rises.

The current visit to the area comes after a day, Puntland militias attacked Somaliland army positions in Tukaraq situated 52KM from Las Anod with heavy weapons prompting Somaliland army units to response.

Puntland militias have been gathering in supplies and weapons near Somaliland border for the past month with the anticipation of launching a full scale attack on SL army.

Puntland has in the past actively been funding and supporting underground movements in an attempt to instigate armed conflicts in the eastern regions of Somaliland so as to undermine Somaliland Sovereignty.

The recent development will heighten the existing tensions and may escalate to full blown conflict between Somaliland and Puntland.