We should all accept the fact that as Somalilanders, we always did, and ought to, respect whatever aspects and issues agreed upon in any conciliatory roundtable to be tenable.

In other words, the KULMIYE agreement brokered by the team led by FM Hon. Biihi had reached an accord that was given the OK.

What issues were thrashed out does not matter other than the end results which was greeted by kudos hence expected to be put on trust.

Amongst those at the state house who nodded to the conciliations was politician Gafadi.

In the presence of the Head of State himself all the KULMIYE top-shots present pledged to have the severally postponed general meeting to go ahead smoothly and without any more hitches.

One small factor in the accord struck was that the supreme committee would not have their feathers ruffled hence would remain intact.

While letting world’s so called democracy be, the SL homegrown democratic tradition is thereby directly infringed upon when the likes of Gafadi decide to unruffled the feathers that they had earlier on agreed whole-heartedly upon to leave intact.

While we are not herein going to discuss or deny Gafadi’s right to and of democracy, we only remind the people of our self-esteem, essence and/ or our historic homegrown conciliatory milestones.

To put it bluntly, nothing should be allowed to break KULMIYE’s backbone. If the ruling party is left to disintegrate, a lot at stake would equally be risked.

Those in charge of the organization of the assembly should not allow their agenda to include issues that not only goes against the agreement’s accords, but deter anything that would circumvent it and bring it to ridicule.

As Somalilanders, we should live up to our expectations and not leap three steps forward and four back! Neither should we distort zigzagly ways that should have otherwise been straight.

Already we witness a lot of unnecessary hues and cries emanating from various quarters based on minor clannish issues.

These and more do not augur well for the party’s workings hence in turn does not portend well for its future.

It is quite clear to everybody that we, as Somalilanders, cannot hence should not, allow the party to hit the rocks.

The captain of the ship and his coxswains should take great core that nothing should go wrong.

It is worthwhile to note that it is now even more important given the facts that the general meeting planned for long time hence awaited so much is less than 24 hours away.

This should be the most important hours for the party in a long while.

 Somaliland cannot afford such hiccups.


  1. We have take over jigjiga and kick out all the issaks essa and dir back to somaliland Djibouti,where we will finished them of later and take over just like we will destroy and take over Somali than Kenya and Ethiopia look at puntland it belong to midgos but who owes it now hahaha Darood Harti Power

  2. The motto of ‘family first’ is a pivot of any country political scene, which is described as
    a son-rise industry. However, on the egalitarian principle of Kulmiye politics,
    what might be called ‘dine-astic rule’— in which members of the family dine
    together on the loaves and fishes of public office — has been enlarged to
    accommodate not only sons but sons-in-law and daughters as well.

  3. I think SLP has abanadoned all editorial responsibility of its website. the place is a mess with Opinion pieces mixed in with news in a dizzying jumble of graphics mess. Please sort it out for your sake and ours