Somaliland deputy minister of Energy, Water and Minerals Resources Hon Abdisalaan Mohamed Hassan has survived attempted on his life as he was touring government sponsored development programs in the eastern most districts of Somaliland.

The foiled plot was carried out by Company Strong unit from the specially trained Puntland anti-terrorism forces (PS) stationed in Eelaayo launched an unexpected attack meant to assassinate the deputy minister on Thursday night.

Resident of Las Qorey Say they were waken the sound of gun fire in the middle of the night in what appeared to be a ferocious street to street gunfight between the minister Security detail (SPU) repulsed the company strong Puntland anti-terrorism forces (PS) which had lasted for more than one and half hours.

Hon Abdisalaan Mohamed Hassan thanked the local population for exposing the plot and is currently safely in Erigavo theregional capital ofS anaag where security officials rushed him.

Hon Abdisalan Mohamed Hasan is the first high-ranking official from the Somaliland government to carry out a working tour of the Eastern Sanaag districts of Las Qoray and Badan.

Unconfirmed Reports said six would be invaders were killed in attack that there were no casualties in the aftermath of the attack.
Somaliland has in the past accused Puntland of sponsoring and supporting destabilizing forces in her territories.

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  1. LoL, these guys are a joke, always saying the locals helped us, when in reality it is the locals that tried to kill them in the first place. Every time they are faced with resistance in SSC, they play the Puntland card, get out of here with that BS.

    Freaking cowards, do you even know how they got los qoray, when elders asked P/land forces to let them negation with terrorist holding German citizens, When puntland forces pulled back, then like roaches they came in. But now they have to deal with locals that resent them, which is bigger threat to their life's then Puntland forces.

    • So you're telling me Pland is happily watching from the sideline instead of sending in troops ? i think this is more to do with the Warsangali punishing Faroole it is well known that they don't like him one bit

  2. Sucks to be a SNM militiaman, because they are constantly asking them risk their life's for useless cause, which they will lose in the end, unless they truly convince the locals other wise.

    • your being darood clanist really suck as you're sucking, and you will soon have a prove that whoever hates us will soon be wiped off the earth and loose everything. Let tell you THAT THOSE WHO ARE CLAIMING A LAND IN SOMALILAND WILL GET GRAVEYARDS INSTEAD, IDIOT!!!

        • Hoodo,

          What is wrong with you? Just checking if I'm addressing the right person. I don't know if you are aware of my problems, I have a forty some years-old man called Keyse calling me dad and trying to sue me for child support. On the other hand, a guy called Roble is scaring me to death and basically stopping in courting Sahra, well this is the real Sahra I felt in love with.

  3. Mr. Tellmetruth-Puntlander, how come you cannot even disguise your venom against Somaliland? Somaliland is for all Somalilanders – east and west

  4. Call it Buqland or Majeertenia as it was always called before Siad Barre's regime, these people do not learn from their past mistakes and miscalculations. They just do what the rest of their fellow Somalia Italians do. They keep repeating the same mistake over and over again. They are like a woman in labor that always promises abstinence, yet after delivery she goes back in bed with her husband and begins the same circle all over again.

  5. Abdisalaan Mohamed Hassan is reer El Buh (Ceergabo district) why would he go to eastern Sanaag in the first place? isn't gardaro? Badhan, Dhahar Las-qoray, Ceelayo regions all the way to Bosaso is General Ilko-jiir territory. Abdisalan was lucky if he didn't end up in Las Qorey tuna factory. looooooooooooooooool. heeladu waa heelo Las Qoray.

  6. This guy is a traitor, he's lucky he wasn't stab in the head. Abdisalaan Mohamed Hassan has broken every law of Puntland he perfectly knows Puntland will not tolerate the Isaaq expansion into hart darood? so why bring rear Issaq militia into Puntland territories?