By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Attorney General Hon Ibrahim Lidle Saleban has in the strongest terms denied President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo had summoned him for consultation on the possibilities of an extension of tenure in office when his term expires in June 2015.

The Attorney General was recently interviewed by the media regarding allegations the issue of extension, “ I surprised to see this allegation  in media reports and I assure you that I and the head of state have not even once met to discuss those issues.

When it comes to issues relating to electoral matters then it would be wise for you to consult with the national electoral commission which is the sole body tasked with setting the date for future election as clearly stated in a Presidential decree.

In recent days reports carried by the media alleged that President Silanyo wants an extension of his term after his tenure in offices comes to an end in 2015.

Recently a tribal chieftain known as “BUUR MADOW” openly stated that the current President term in office should be extended.



  1. "It is enough that people know there was an election.the people who cast the votes decide nothing.
    the people who count the votes decide everything "

  2. Stalin said that famous quote, and if qudhmiye can bribe the parliament anything is possible with them.

  3. Kulmiye is the best thing going, when was the last time you saw a Somali man willingly and before his tenure say he will not be seeking a second term? They are busy building the country and everyone sees it. Only ones screaming are the same ones who were taking kickbacks from previous admins for doing absolutely nothing.

    Haters gone hate

  4. If the attorney general strongly refutes the presidential speculated slanderous propaganda
    then that rounds up all the media malicious campaigns. however, depending on the peoples
    will, the president is entitled for a 2nd term run if he has stomach for such responsibilty.

  5. Common he does not need to ask extention if that is the truth! people need different president and country needs different ruler then everyone will know the difference.!

  6. The President knows what he is doing. He is guaranteed by the constitution to lead for one more, if re-elected. Anyone, who denies him this chance through unconstitutional speech or otherwise is not loyal to Somaliland. Because, if you do not respect the Somaliland constitution you are not loyal to Somaliland.

    So far, he did not ask for our opinion and I think he will asking for our opinion on election, until then, we must keep our opinions to ourselves and stop spreading cheap propaganda.

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