By Said Hussien

Hargeisa – Mr. Idris Moosa Omar a British national has for the past 8 days been in and out of a Hargeisa Central Police cell as a result of a falsified document prepared by the Hargeisa Court of Appeal.

Mr. Idris Moosa Omar confirmed that he had not given full power of attorney to Abdirahman Djama Yusuf and produced the document clearly indicating partial power of attorney which was verified by the Mission of the Somaliland Republic in London.

This document was incorrectly interpreted by the Hargeisa Court of Appeal to give full power of attorney to Mr Abdirahman. This falsified document enabled Mr Abdirahman to illegally let property and collect rental money without the property owner’s knowledge.

The Somaliland Constitution gives citizens the right to defend themselves in a court of law with appropriate representation yet family of Mr Idris said that he has been denied bail and denied a fair trial to defend himself against this inaccurate interpretation of the power of attorney by the Court of Appeal!


  1. What nonsense is this piece about. Anybody explain what this nonsense is all about?

    • mohammed have read the article, I think its self explanatory, I feel that this is on the increase and the governemnt should do something about, its really sad to see, Justice must prevail and coruption must end, As somalilander I am shocked with this and feel that if the local governent don't take a heavy hand and show precendent that these sort of action should not be tolerated


      • Thank you for your comment Adam. I used to defend Somaliland and am pleased with the progress made but having seen first hand the corruption, tribalism rife in the justice system, and hearing the stories of many diaspora who financially supported family members in Somaliland but were ripped off by the same while they promised to 'look after' their property and land, I now fear for the future of good honest people of our country.

  2. This is the state of our justice – Siilaanyo style. Long live Siilaanyo. Long live injustice. Long live corruption.