Dr Ahmed Awed was born in Burco Somaliland and studied in Mogadishu before emigrating to Bonn (Former Capital of West Germany).  In Germany he studied medicine and specialized in internal medicine and Gastro-enterology.  Dr. Ahmed spent over 30 years in Germany as a medical doctor and 20 years working in the Germany’s top hospitals as a senior doctor.

In 2005, Dr. Ahmed came back to his homeland of Somaliland to see the situation and found a high level of mental illness among the community due to the effects of civil war and Khat abuse. He found that people were being tied to trees and shackled in iron chains, as families had no way of coping with severely mentally ill family members.

Work Undertaken

After several more trips to Somaliland, Dr.Ahmed embarked on the establishment of the Medical Care Somaliland (MCS) and along with his wife Brigitte Awed they established the Maandaye Clinic in Burao.

They built the Maandahaye Clinic in 8 months and further managed the clinic for 4.5 years supplying the finance, medicines, staff and management of the hospital. After 4.5 years they handed the clinic over to Somaliland Ministry of Health to manage and sustain.

Dr Ahmed then established a consultancy practice for Internal Medicine in Burao and shortly after established a Pharmacy service providing well needed medical care based on German standards of care and medicines.

The next big vision was to establish a big hospital that would cater for patients in Burco and the wider regions of the country. He received interest from many investors for the project and then travelled to Dushanbe (Tajikistan) to recruit medical doctors and built the Burco German Hospital in November 2014.

Current Work

The Burao German Hospital is housed in a temporary structure in Burco City Plaza Area and has 4 departments,

1) Surgery and Aneastisia, 2) Emergency & Intensive Care 3) Gynecology & Maternity 4) General Medicine

The departments of Urology, ENT and Radiology are being established and the department of Ophthalmology is currently being enlarged;

Next Step and Vision

The next step is to build a hospital based on International best practice at Shifo City and Maryam One Farm in 3 years. The hospital will be built in stages and currently we are raising the finance and funds to undertake that project.

His vision is to establish Burao German Hospital as the leading health care provider in Somaliland and the wider region.

Other Work undertaken by Dr Ahmed Awed and Bridgette Awed.

Provision of food supplies for drought relief

Togdheer, Sool, Sanaag, Agabar, Galkacayo, Mogadishu between 2010 to 2012

School Building Project’s Completed
Bali Samakaab – One Elementary school
Bali-Dhiig – Two Intermediate Classes & Two Secondary
Beer Agricultural School

Xagal to Berbera Coastal Road

He is the chairman of MOHAM, a new organization established for the Saahil road that started with several meetings and surveys to see how disenfranchised communities living in Saahil region east of Berbera could be connected to their regional capital to improve health and livelihoods, after numerous meetings and infrastructure MOHAM have now managed to build around 90km of road between Berbera  – (70%) complete.

Farming and Livestock

Camel Milk Production – Milk Supplied daily to Burco City
Sesame Oil Farming and Agro Processing – Sesame Oil is packaged and sold to retail outlets in Burco
Fruit Tree Orchard

How to invest Burco German Hospital

To invest in Burco German Hospital, please contact;

Dr. Ahmed H. Hassan Awad


Mobile number: 00252(63) 4345556