By Hared Odah

Contrary to the rumored Gar-Adag Accord, aka Burao Accord, Silanyo has decided to run for a second term. The DAM-JADEED Wing of KULMIYE has been in full gear for some time by using WADAAD Trojan horses to derail BIHI’s presidential ambition and, therefore, secure a second term Presidential candidacy for Silanyo.

This shrewd strategy was, and still is, designed to keep the presidency in the hands of Silanyo’s DAMJADEED surrogates. Given his age and ill health, a second term gives Silanyo the constitutional prerogative to resign due to ill health within three years. Article 89, section 1, of our constitution sets forth if any of the conditions for presidency vacancy as stipulated in Article 86 — criminal conviction, death, ill health or resignation — gets parliament consent, then “… the Vice President shall act as a temporary President, and the election of the President shall be held within six months.”

In this Scenario, Sayli’i becomes a caretaker President for six months. Barring any last minute manoeuvre by the BIHI/KAHIN Wing to stop the DAMJADEED plans, a soon-to-be nominated Silanyo’s crony in the forthcoming Erigavo conference will run against the pre-planned weaker candidates of WADDANI and UCID.

The delay tactic of Silanyo is meant to get under BIHI’s skin and, therefore, force the BIHI/KAHIN alliance to forfeit their chance for the ticket by BIHI falling for the proverbial tactic “MUUSE WAA KAA!” The question is: Does the BIHI/KAHIN Wing have what it takes to come up with a DAN-GADIID strategy and beat Silanyo at his own game?


    • Asha,
      Please leave respected hard working Walaweyn out of your response. If you object to Damjadiid org – Hassan SH., Hersi et al, then refer to them directly.

  1. Come election time let's see what happens cos it's yet to early to talk about the next
    elections. We all know that the Presidential and Parliamentary lower house elections
    are to be together. There are also the census and voting registrations and their related
    regulating procedures are to be carried out before the Presidential and Parliamentary
    elections. The Kulmiye GOSL are also fully committed with both domestic and foreign big
    projects allover the Country. The question of full recognition is also under discussions and
    brighter than ever!. With many different things taking full shape, it's yet early to talk about the
    true status quo at this early stages. The GOSL led by HE President DR Muj Ahmed Silaanyo
    iare kept busy by many promising matters and the true essence of SL is so far so good and in
    the best management hands.

  2. LOL I like the way the President exercise his power when it needed as last resort! Poor Biihi look frustrated before the boss!!

  3. Museo Bihi was herding camels that were not his, and he never came to know this reality. Boqor Buur Madaw told this several times in the past. Mr Kahin was playing and still continues to play a double face, one face with Siilaany and the other with Muse Bihi. The hidden agenda was known to Kahin from the outset. This is for sure. There is no free ride to power, and one has to learn the lore, but the unfortunate has been known to get trapped in a Cul de sack.

    Politics is has nothing to do with the courts of law. So what Muse will do if Siilaanyo broke the promise/agreement? The only option open for Mr Muse is to join with either UCID or Wadani,
    It likelihood that he will join with UCID

  4. Indeed Kuluc is right that Bihi was herding camels not his own. There was an agreement between Sacad Muse and Habar Jeclo that Siilaanyo will only hold office for one term and Siilaanyo himself told us many times over during the election campaign he will only serve for one term. The question is will Sacad Muse accept humiliation and let Siilaanyo run for another term or will they get out or kick Siilaanyo out of Kulmiye?

  5. This old guy is not going to be sitting in a sacad Muuse city as the President next term.. We elected him in and we will kick him out when needed

    • Who is this less civilized dude called truth? The article is about individuals why is running towards qabill?

      • What is wrong with qabiil? We are a nation of qabiils whose votes are cast to those who represent their qabiil. This concept was introduced to us by Siilaanyo when he held the Garadag HJ convention. In that convention he said HJ must vote for me because I am HJ. Was or is there anything wrong with this concept? I am saying don't run away from it. Embrace it and may those who can unite a collection of qabiils win.

  6. The article is indeed childish script. The writer probably wrote for the sake of writing. Nevertheless, it shows no depth in his analysis. I advise him to abstain and stay away from writing.