Climate change activitesMy name is Farhan M. Hidig, over the past seven years I have been engaged in environmental protection activities, It was a big day, that I participated Somaliland National hygiene Campaign day, the aims of this campaign was to clean waste substances and environmental protection  through national level voluntary activities that continued the main districts that the city Hargiesa, the Somaliland National hygiene Campaign at same time begun other regions of Somaliland, the objectives of this campaign is to enhance hygiene as well as citizenship engagement and collaboration of Somaliland people and their government both side become voluntary  efforts and active participated national hygiene improvement.

However, the lesson learning issue of Somaliland is the active collaboration with the government Authorities led by the president, Civil societies, public/private sectors and various parties of the community committed to collaborate each other to maintain environment safety that you may encourage other states interesting national voluntary activities that you may persuade better collaboration and citizenship engagement among their societies

Finally the unrecognized state of the republic of Somaliland is a role model peace building states located strategy place of world trade route horn of Africa, Over the past two decades Somaliland become amazing efforts of Socio-economic growth and political development but, still is not Re-recognized officially as an independent state, while the people of Somaliland committed to realize official announcement of Somaliland Re- recognition

farhan hidigFarhan M. Hidig
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Hargeisa Somaliland