Decades ago I used to live in a country, where more than anything else, people used to enjoy trading good humour and stimulating face to face debates. The natives of that country had one unwritten strict code for debates or even heated arguments about no matter what – that precept was turning your back in protest to whoever offends you and walking away from him not saying a word back to him. For instance, in the course of a discussion, if someone calls you  N word, you just walk away not responding to him.

In view of the fact, that the editors of the Somaliland website neither have the time nor pay sober attention to filter out the contents of the poorly written articles and insulting commentaries, will it not be better applying a score system at the bottom of each article besides the current ratings for the commentaries? If that is achieved, people will not take the trouble of wasting their time reading articles that are perceived as disappointing and distasteful. In that case, we will have the opportunity of thumbing down articles we consider to be appalling. Adhering to that rating system, readers will safe time and will not bother reading or commenting to what they perceive as offensive, unfair and a misrepresentation of the facts – this will have the same significance as walking away from somebody in protest. As a result, the distorted media image of all Somalis will be enhanced.

This same rule should apply to the bad commentators, who are usually uneducated or badly educated. More often than not, these people write odious and ludicrous one or two-line commentaries, others write lengthy articles and deceitfully insult a whole nation, clan and/or reverential persons. Such authors are people who are emotional and do not possess the mental capacity of putting a considerate and meaningful argument forward. They get powerlessly frustrated and resort to nonsensical and foul language instead of logic and good manners.

I have observed that the Sovereignty of Somaliland is the most debated subject in the Somali websites and at the same time, this subject creates the most absurd, ridicules and heated emotional discussion that one can think of, this debate takes between the diehard pros and the diehard cons of Somaliland independence. I think I have one solution for this precarious and never ending debate, how about if the pro-Somaliland independence advocates state and limit their comments politely and clearly only on why Somaliland shouldn’t go back to the Somaliland-Somalia union? Equally, the anti-Somaliland folks must state why Somaliland should go back to the union with Somalia and they must state the endowments that Somaliland-Somalia unity will bring to Somaliland. Both parties must be civil and reasonable enough to convince their opponents. Let us discuss this too important subject very seriously and give it the merit it deserves instead of trading cheap insults. Keep in mind; courtesy doesn’t cause money. Please do not comment if you have the tendency of being offensive to other readers.

By Yusuf Dirir Ali



  1. Let me just give you a home truth Dirir. The websites are not read by the most important people who are those at home. They are the ones who will decide the faith of their country. The few individuals who bark on these website are insignificant so as debates on these wensites. I personally don't attach much to the articles written on these sites as they are just for certain audiance. What sort of percentage of people do you reckon read these sates. I can safely say none. So lets just entertain each other, shall we?

    This debate on Somaliland soveriegnty is a none starter. For an advise for the retarded Somaliweyn advocates, you better think life without these debates and Somaliland in general.

  2. My apologies, the tittle and the last paragraph must read "courtesy doesn't cost money" and not otherwise.

  3. Yusuf Dirir,
    I agree with you, thanks again for the reminder, I for one will try to follow your advice. I admit I get carried away when I'm angry sometimes. But we should definitely limit this never ending debate on separation and union. Isn't there other things we can debate or discuss other than politics? I'm sure we have our shared interest like Somali language, history, current situation etc. Plus when we discuss the politics one should make it clear why Somaliland should join or separate as you stated other than name calling, insulting, belittling, attacking etc. At the end of the day we have all different political opinions and that's the only main disagreements between us other than that we should not exacerbate our current situation by further spreading hate as this will only harm us all. Plus I'm sure the non Somalis who read comments here must be laughing at us and it will feed our common external enemies too.

  4. I understand the point you are trying to convey however you are attempting to diagnose an illogical symptom using logic-tools.

    1. Where on earth will you meet people claiming to advocate for the Union of 2-States by directly insulting one of the states?
    2. Where on earth will you find it logical to champion the destruction of a people who one claims to love and desire a union with?
    3. Who on earth claims the love of all somali-regions equally yet expects to place an extraordinary demand on only 1/5 the over all regions.
    4. Who advocates for Somali union yet invests in 22years of disunity?
    5. Why is it harder to believe in equality as a path to union as opposed to inequality is a path to sustain a failed-union.

    In my humble view LOGIC is a frivolous pastime when communicating with the people of Somalia-Italia aka Somali-federal-republic. They are quick to spew their bitter rotten guts and dysfunctional perspectives as their forefathers before them.

    Personally i prefer them to remain hostile and vulgar so that it is easier to point-out their venom to all those who may mistake them for a friend in the future to come, we are on a trajectory to forever distance ourselves from those as vile and frigid from birth as those who wave the Blue-Un flag.

    When our affairs are as distinct as those between Somaliland-Republic and Djibouti only then will there be an opportunity to rest our suspicion of these people and their evil intent. Until then every word is a battle cry, every tab on the keyboard is bullet aimed at their rotting throats, every attempt is but a mere reflection of the filth that rests in their hearts just like their parents before them.

    • You got it right! I too do not expect to see one single Somalia people coming up with one single logical reason to convince Somalilanders. The reason is simple, because there is no one reason they can think of. That is way they are falling back of negating a country the rest of the world calls Somaliland. This people are sleep walking and are having a nightmare. They do not even tell the truth to themselves let alone to others. One thing they are very good at is fabrication of falsehood, yes falsehood, take it from me.

    • Buuxiye Right on the money again. These people are like those guys some of us grew up with who when a pretty girl rejects him starts spreading rumors about her. Tasteless and just plain mean. Just look at their comments.

    • I wholy support you brother just imagine if you can not manage your own area how would manage the unity that you forcefuly in need and even you dont have an example of any quality of needing the unity.
      Please my brothers Somalia there is a saying that Charity start from home. Please leave us alone and have your own country as there is nothing that you can convise us to repeat the same mistake once bitten twice afraid.

    • The author and his fans are totaly wrong here. in his word " why somaliland region should go back to somalia" the answer is simple, why somaliland region never get recognition? they knock every door on the plannet to get recognition and failed. the answer is very clear, somaliland region have no choice but first reconcile within northern communities and than rest of somalis.

  5. Buuxiye, my friend you simply lay it out there clearly. Those who are blinded by their malicious hatred towards Somaliland will no doubt now pause to pounder the futility of their argument. Majority of Somali people are in line with Somaliland's aspiration as progressive and recognized state, but the remenants of Siad Barre and his stooges are still alive and kicking, spread around the world to vent their anger for a mission that fail long ago: the annialation of people of Somaliland and the errosion of justice and democratic values.

  6. I wasn't born when the Ethiopian stooge (SNM) declared a delusional white trash village in 1991. I have never seen somalia till I moved to Hargeisa in 2007 from London. I always knew that somalia had a light blue flag but on arrival in Hargeisa as soon as the plane touched down on the runway I looked through the window and see this strange weird looking flag I panicked thought I was in the wrong country lol.

        • That is not the question asked by the author. Can you both come up with one reason why Somaliland should go to the failed union? I guess you can't think of single reason and that is why you are trolling here.

          • looool kaboon alright fare enough but I can still live in Hargaisa because my wife Isaaq.

          • Oh, you are dispiriting Amirah, aren't you? Yes, is bloody crazy woman looking for a Somaliland boy friend, that isn't gonna happen, we do not like fat-mirrah-chewing-waloweyn woo with big fat bottoms AHAHAHAH!!… the story goes on and on…….

  7. Best suggestion, I believe, is to change the mind frame and think intellectually rather than emotionally.whenever we talk about or write on issues relating to Somaliland Republic. No need to debate about unity.

  8. Why don't daroods have something nice to see? I look at the comments and 99% of those written by daroods are either insults, tribal or just pure unslamic. Every article i go to i see the darood mentality where thy insult people. When we take about the south, they insult them and insult mogadisho ( which is home to millions of daroodS). When we talk about somaliland, they insult issaqs and insult hargaisa. When we talk about djabouti, they insult the issa and djabouti.

    Why are darood so hateful when they are the weakest people in the horn in-terms of economy and militaristic power.

    • LOOOL Jasuus, You are a complete moron, generasing a whole tribe like that? do us all a favour and go out and play in traffic. Remember…don't look both ways before entering traffic……

      • Amirah Istal-Somali…… well said! I'm not even darood and yet I found this jasuus person comment beyond retarding. jasuus go and play in traffic you moron, and like Amirah said, don't look both before entering traffic.

  9. Somaliland secession is a taboo that nobody is allowed to touch. Forget debating about unity of what was formerly known as the Somali Democratic Republic. Pick another topic to discuss. .

  10. Breaking news: Somalia's president H.E. Hassan Sheikh Mohamouds trip to Washington wasn't in vain
    sources say the U.S will recognize his government as the sole representative of the whole of Somalia meaning Sland included.

    A great day for Somalia but a very bad news for spoilers like Puntland/Jubbaland and the Secessionist day dreamers.

    • so you need WASHINGTON so your tribe is recognized? why dont your president go to hargeisa or garowe or kismaayo and we will see who is the real president? Silanyo,farole and madobe respectively kkkkkkkkkkk
      keep dreaming.

      • Gedo, Excuse me sir, it appears that you are emitting an unhealthy amount of stupidity, what do you have against the president? apart from him not being a Darood. so what if Daroods win the next presidential election? do you reckon Hawiye should create their own tribal enclaves and refuse to work with the central government. our people should choose to see the bigger picture, which is Somalia as a secure, united, viable, democratic and prosperous nation.

        I for one don't really care the tribe of the president as long as he has the interest of the Somali nation at heart.

        oh btw am also D-block.

        • rir Samaale/Amirah Istal-Somali

          Perhaps you should take your pitiful tit for tat squabble to Somalis websites, where you could draw up more have attenuated the merit of the debate to a low point …
          for heaven's sake, when are you going to grow up and re-tune up brains?

          • Osman you're the one who needs to grow up since you believe in a white trash border marked by a drunken white trash colonist who doesn't wash his butt after he poops. white trash folks have no respect for their parents, they f**k each other like animals, the father f**k his daughter and then the son f**k his mum.

          • PuntlandGeezer(PIS),
            I'm not getting your point. Where does human waste fit in this? It'd be better if you try to gather up you thoughts before you start grabbing the keyboard, or perhaps you're garbage in garbage out scenario, so your brain power won't make any difference anyway….

          • Osman hmmn this is also a Somali website so I'm not really sure what you're on about ,….. ''"rolling my eyes"

          • Amirah Istal-Somali,
            Granted, it's indeed a Somalia website but you've missed the point by miles. Please give us a reasonable explanation as to why Somaliland and the failed state of Somalia should be re-emerged? should you have any..That's what the debate should be all about, instead of crawling back to your normal clannish fox hole….You always beat up a dead horse, and it bothers me. Who cares which tribe you belong to..

          • Osman you will never get it even if you tried hard because you live with a world that many would regard as delusional. Get out from the dark room open the curtains wide and smell the fresh air.

          • Osman, well I have tons of reasons why I believe in UNITY and I can go on and on all day but unfortunately I can't say the same about you and your pro-somaliland group, apart from South and North being colonised by two different nations (Britain and Italy) and Said Barre's genocide you're running out of reasons..

            if you read it again, I was actually promoting anti-tribal, the reason I mentioned my tribe isn't cause I was being qabilst or anything but you know how Somalis are if you stick up for a leader, they'll assume you belong to the same tribe. like how people think those who defend Sii'lanyo/ Faroole are only HJ and MJs.

          • Stop rolling your eyes, just roll your big fat bottom. FYI this is not a walloweyn dating website, move to where you fit. This place is too sophisticated for you and we don't like ugly Walo women here. You have no luck mating with anybody here Amirah.

          • Ali
            White people don't sleep with their kids every day that's a slander ali and we shouldn't condoned that distracted me more than anything else.having said that this is a public website amrita has right to be here.another thing Somalia only had 9 years that is a very small sample to make a judgement about what we can or cannot be.So how can you throw the towels and say that's all you going to get before we could started we get interrupted by dictator think about that.

          • Jama *clears throat* were saying? LOL frustrating much huh, well if you have been raped by Wallowayn women with a fork no need take all on me dee . I guess I need to also take the consideration that you are a troll or molested by another man at a young age, otherwise why would you call me an ugly when you don't even know how I look like.

            last I checked Walloweyn is a beautiful Somali city located near Mogadishu and if you thought for a second that it would somehow offend me then I say, you must be the biggest brain bust on the planet earth. epic fail.

            yeah yeah tell yourself whatever you need to make you sleep at nigh that you're a ''Beautiful'' ''cute'' and such while you're properly some obese dude living in his mom's basement loool . But considering your obviously extreme mental handicap and low self-esteem, I applaud the fact that you don't even worth replying, Im not wasting another minute on you. Now finish your cartoons and eat your cereal and get to bed before midnight.

          • PuntlandGeezer, are you having a laugh mate, the dude has no self respect and you expecting him to show other people some respect, not to mention he's sexually frustrated and taking his frustration out on a random internet stranger. lool

            btw I'm not offended by what he's saying obviously, I'm just responding so he continues to humiliate himself on online or I may just ignore him to make him look like a moron.

          • Jama,

            OK then keep your legs apart, I'm not coming there! Ha dhidhiibsan hadaad doonto ileen ma aha ceebtaaye!

          • Sahra,

            Stop trying to be the moral police here and answer the question you were asked. If you don't have an answer, please don't try to distract others away from the topic.

    • 🙂 Keep dreaming yourself to sleep for another 22years dude.

      2-STATE dialogue process is where Full Recognition is going to be resolved for both STATES. Since neither has the sole right to claim or represent the Failed Somali-Republic.

      Hassan Mahamoud paid for 190Votes out of a total of 271 and Ali Khalif Galydh and ismaeal Samatar have both Made public broadcasts of the level of corruption at the SELECTION event in Moqadishu. There little hope on earth that such an individual could ever truly represent a FORCE to Bring back the Failed Somali-Republic.

      When police are raping your young girls how can anyone expect you to care about 190votes paid for by NGO grants to feed the idps of moqadishu.

    • samali.

      Hassan NGO did not meet US PRESIDENT face to face there's no proof of pictures. he met hillary and few bored congress men/women.

      The U.S knows somali condition more than anyone else, they will not lift the arm embargo and will always support somali semi-autonomous states because they know the stability of somalia relies on semi-autonomous states.

          • So what if the arms embargo is lifted? you will be made to eat sh@t as usual! the real question is what Somaliland will benefit from a Union with Somalia and the answer is simple, will have the chance of kicking the butts of ignorant Daroods.

          • YOUR naive person and have very low IQ, because you don't understand somalis current situation.

            The IC are not crazzy, lifting arm embargo it's like arming moryan donkey, and delusionist mentally unstable folks. somalia will remain for a very very very long time under arm EMBARGO. No one can come near Darood Jabert Ismail not moryan nor delusionist they are too strong influential. Darood stablished own two states no need here moryan beans or crazy illusionsit, they are not like primitive moryan.

  11. I agreed with the author. We should include our debate a little bit of civility so our exchange of ideas become appealing, There's no logical reason that Somaliland should share any thing with Somalia even if it takes 100 some yrs for Somaliland to be internationally recognized. Here goes my reasoning:

    As a civil disobedience had erupted due to the fall of the Siyad's dictatorial regime then it turned into the worst civil war in the history of mankind in Somalia in the late 80's, Somaliland also had it's lion's share in that chaos but in a strong goodwill and sense of pride of it's citizens Somaliland got up, dusted off, pieced up together the little it had left and turned the insurmountable obstacles it's facing into opportunities. Over 21 yrs and counting Somaliland has established indisputable peace and stability fueled by a well-contested democracy and a rule of law, where Somalia has being fostering a system that's based on hatred and division among it's citizens which drove it back into the pre-historic era.

    Today, there's a huge gap between the 2 societies with respect to economics, social structure, constitution and future prosperity, which Somaliland is being the favorite one. Therefore, since the time is money, Somaliland is better off being Somaliland. We can't reset the clock to 21 yrs plus back..because it won't be fair to our beloved mandeeq and it's multi-colored national flag.

  12. The discussion is not why Somaliland should separate its already separate! The question is why do these people feel the need to insult and harass others who do not share their views or want to share much else with them?

    It takes a truly troubled mind to come on a site of a country you think doesnt exist, its not like a frequent the site for ferry godmothers. I dont believe in ferry godmothers and therefore if there is a site on it I dont go there. Simple as that.

    Somaliland is separate it does exist and its going to stay that way and that is why they have their nigis in a bunch!

  13. so are suggesting if the darood win this debate they are welcome to rule hargueisa again? to me a debate is just people talking…look at the african map, how many of them are recognized by the west and can't still feed their population. so what ist the point of having a site in IN THE UN? we somalilanders don't need the darood recognition or hawiyeh. we only need allah. we put them out in 1990 and we are again ready….

    • GET your medication, alot of crazzy folks in somaliand no wonder mental problem is high in this region.

  14. Somaliland has all along been riding the disorders and lawlessness of the South to propel their fruitless pursuit of independence and autonomy, which will as well vindicate the use and employment of brutal means like those despicable guys whom are lead by one of your own. Somalia is back and Somaliland is part of Somalia, it is Somali land. The over 20 years of false impression and fantasy is indeed coming to an end for the Northerners, you better swallow your humbles pies and integrate into the newly elected government or else you will be left out for the dogs.

    • @Truth,

      If I remember very well the question was: " Why should Somaliland rejoin Somalia in a union?". Do you have a logical response to that question? Yes or NO, simple is it not? can you convince them to anything, instead of bad-mouthing?

  15. somalia and somaliland are seprate from 1991.we now that if somalind recogeniced or not that is not somalind fail but the hoppe of somaliland is be live and the win of somalind is be live and every thing againt somalind goverment is be weeked

  16. In my humble opinion, the onus should be on Somaliland to explain as to why it should be allowed to secede from the union. Somaliland politicians should have insisted on including provisions in the Act of Union to dissolve the union. Absent of that, the only internationally acceptable and legal way to achieve an independent Somaliland ought to be to have a referendum within a united Somali and ask the people of NW Somali if they would like to secede- something along the lines of Eritrea and East Timor.

  17. I would like to thank all the polite and responsible people, who took their time to respond to this article. Specially the ones who limited their comments to the two questions I posted here. My special thanks goes to Buuxiye, Allemagan, Mohamed cheers and all the others who made a positive contributions.

    To the trolls, please try to answer specific questions with specific answer and practice your PEEL. I think it is obvious that there is no single reason why Somaliland should re-rejoin Somalia in a union, at least no single reason was given by the Pro-union folks.

    Let us end the discussion here and thank you all.

  18. i have just come back from somaliland.this was my second visit since my family left the country in 1980.i have a large extended family who live,and breath the security and the tranquility that somalilanders have created.iam very proud of the efforts put in by many people including my father Dr Mohammed-Rashid who is a Director of the Somaliland Development Cooperation based in Hargeisa.Abu Dhabi & London.iam excited about the devolopment,the education and security of Somaliland with that in mind i will do everything in my power to draw investment into the country provided that there is no Unity with the South!!!! and that is why ladies and gentlemen that every educated,polite,well manered,decent,hospitable,succesfull young man and woman of somaliland will never agree to a Unity!!! its not in our interest!!!!!!