The justice and welfare party (UCID) Presidential hopeful Hon Jamal Ali Hussein has warned the ruling elite “KULMIYE” not to enrich themselves at the  expense of public at the same time urging residents of Masalaha not to resort to violence while expressing their grievances after they threaten to pick up arms against what they call an illegal confiscation of a playground.

Hon Jamal Ali in a written statement stated, “It’s clear the current Somaliland’s administration is deliberately encouraging “land grabbing”. Government officials used shady tactics to sell government properties such as warehouses, office buildings, houses, parks, and so-called farming lands acquired for public purposes, to the elite groups, which was not their land under any law.

“These “influential and well-connected individuals are able to have land allocated to them often in violation of existing laws and regulations”, he said.

The Presidential hopeful went on to say,” Playground is not only a requirement of city by-laws but also a platform for physical education. Play is very important for growth and development of our children as it boosts their confidence and improves their understanding.

“It is also important to allocate enough space to public utilities, parks, playgrounds, schools and clinics but sadly this isn’t the case. Today, Hargeisa, it is dusty and congested, and you cannot even find a government owned plot for public use”, he added.

Hon Jamal Ali Hussein went on further stated, “The ruling political elites in the country has for the past four years being exploiting the anarchic, arbitrary, secretive, unaccountable and confused governance of the ruling regime to weave their tangled webs of corruption’.

“I strongly urge and advise resident of Masalaha not to resort to any violent mean while expressing grievances because that cause of action only complicates things more instead to use their votes to remove the current administration when election time comes”, he said.

The names involved in the land scandal is expected to cause fury among those who oppose land-grabbing and skepticism among Somalilanders who believe there is a powerful force in government behind the controversial piece of land.