By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland Customs agents have confiscated vehicles which were fraudulently brought in by yet-to-be-identified persons without paying the necessary levies this was revealed by the Auditor –General Mr.Mahmoud Aw Abdi (Mahmoud Dheere)

“We have focused on vehicles that reach our market with falsified number plates. Some are stolen from other countries and others are transit diversions,” Mahmoud Dheere said.

The Auditor –General showcasing the impounded vehicles to the media added that both the plate numbers and the documents of the vehicles we have in our custody were either forged or taken off non-functional vehicles.

Mr. Mahmoud Dheere warned the general public against buying vehicles from brokers and other agents before verifying through with Somaliland Custom Authorities as this implies that the buyer will have to pay taxes earlier forfeited by the importer and penalties.

“Those who wish to buy cars through other channels other than designated car bonds should come and crosscheck with Somaliland customs to verify documentation and avoid these penalties,” he warned.


  1. Vehicles without a proper proof of purchase are not only a mere tax avoidance but they can also be a direct threat to our national security. Anyone who caught in selling or buying vehicles with questionable docs shouldn't be taken lightly.

  2. That is dangerous, selling falsified registration is a very serious offense and they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, because if anything I mean if a crime, God forbid happens in Hargeisa or any where in Somaliland no body can trace the true owners of the automobile, if the crime had happened and the same thing happens in Mogadishu and the cars the criminals use are used with false documents and in Somaliland the law is valuable.