By Goth Mohamed Goth

Las Anod-Somaliland Customs agents in Las Anod have confiscated 11 vehicles which were being smuggled into the country by yet-to-be-identified persons without paying the necessary levies to the Ministry of Finance.

“The Vehicles which were comprised of 10 4WD land cruisers vehicles and one mini bus and the number plates and the documents of the smuggled vehicles we have in our custody were all forged or taken off non-functional vehicles with, said the Custom Official.

 The Ministry of Finance has in the past warned the general public against buying vehicles from brokers and other agents before verifying them first with Somaliland Custom Authorities as this implies that the buyer will have to pay taxes earlier forfeited by the importer and penalties.

Just recently Custom officers launched an operation in which apprehended a gang of forgers and at the same time confiscating equipment used to forge documents for shady businessmen who were intended on dodges paying taxes in the city of Burao.



  1. taxes are too damn high so much it drives economy to the underground where government gets zero. time to think over the tax policy when such tax avoidances regularly occur in increasing frequency.

  2. The same people who complain and say taxes are too high. Are the same people who than complain about lack of infrastructure, poor health care and education systems. Taxes should be higher, than the current levels and penalties should be stricter for tax evasion. Not paying tax should be seen as treason.

  3. Good job Somaliland authorities in LasAnod! Job well done! Criminals should not get away with their crimes and they should know Somaliland is the land of law and order, unlike the pirateland they came from.

  4. How did Ama roob come to this alarming conclusion, I wonder.

    another thinf, the piece could have used some editing before it was posted. Every writer must have the support and backup of an editor to sub his/her submissions..