By Osman Awad

When it comes to Somaliland politics, the tipping point of dispute is inevitable. Since 2005, the executive branch and parliament had a wonderful relationship. The relationship is basically related to the interests between them. The ‘you scratch my back and I will do yours’ relationship which means you do a favor for me and I will do a favor for you. The minister of state has said on a recent speech he made in Liverpool UK “we as government have passed on the parliament of 45 different rules and regulations with our trick and skills since the parliament has been elected”.

Each entity has its own responsibility. The parliament bears full responsibility for success or failure of that branch, same as the executive; but even before he was elected this current government, the chair of the parliament has eagerly supported the president.

The day dissent occurred within justice and welfare party (UCID); the current government blindly holds up the chair of the House instead of playing the neutral of the party dispute, which was part of the problem.

However, the time has come. The bribery, deception and paying-off have been ongoing.  Who knows, who is right and who is wrong, but the question is who cares? Do the Somaliland citizens care? Is the civil society aware on the reason behind the conflict? A lot of questions have been asked.

The dispute has nothing to do with the interest of the people, but is exclusively the interest of the politicians. It is between executive apparatus and the leaders of the house of legislatives. They are not fighting for propose of the interest of the Somaliland citizens. They are selfish and they do not care about those who are elected, whether they are the executive branch or legislative branch.

 Their first mandatory of two branches is to provide and delivery service to the people of Somaliland. The parliament has failed to fulfill their mandatory; more than one hundred laws are still bending up and needs to create bylaws. For example, the penal laws that our justice systems have been using is the one we had inherited from the Dictator Mohamed Siyaad Barre.

As the rumors say, after the executive branch paid the large amount of money, the legislative branch had submitted two opposing motions concerning on amendment of parliament laws. In addition, we are aware of the ongoing dispute between the chairman of the parliament and his deputies who are looking for the chance to overthrow him.  

The executive branch has failed to fulfill its own responsibility. The poverty has been deteriorated; the public service has got totally worst. For example, more than half of the Hargeysa residents are suffering without water. Hospitals are getting more horrible day by day, the students do not have an adequate education except those who are going a privet schools.

Those who elected these two branches have to do something about it, whether they condemned their action or confront with them.



  1. the problem is ciiroo why was he allowed to hold two positions in the first place that clearly shows somaliland politicians do not know anything about conflict of ciiroo needs a face saving strategy and wants to knock heads togather to get what he wants the whole system has been held in ransom.

  2. Labada dhinacba ha canaanan. Dhinaca qaldan usheeg caalamka. Waar sartu madaxa ayay ka qudhuntay. Haddii madaxweynihii uu sidan wax usii wadona waa layska celin.