A newborn camel calf is so weak to stand
A newborn camel calf is so weak to stand

By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland is facing its worst dry spell with the prevalent drought conditions in some parts of the country have been termed as severe and urgent action is needed sooner rather than later in order to avert a humanitarian crisis of unmanageable proportion with attendant human sufferings.

Some reports say human beings have resorted into slaughtering domesticated animals such as cats in some parts of Maroodi Jeh region.

The over 3 years drought in, Awdal , Maroodi Jeh, Sahil and Selel regions has not only depleted the livestock. This all negatively impacts the livelihood of the people. Most of Somaliland’s rural folk depend mostly on pastoral production.

According to villagers of the Faroweyne district which is the most hit by the drought water scarcity has become another burden that is continuously exacerbating drought effects.

The villagers, who meet revealed that water scarcity is not solely as a result of the 3 years absence of rain, attributed the scarcity in some areas with boreholes to breakdowns in water pumps or lack of fuel.

Although the government of Somaliland with its outstretched or little resources seems to do its best by distributing not even one international organization or numerous UN agencies which haven’t responded the least?

Below are some of the pictures we took in faro-weyne district.

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