18 may243By Guled Abdi

Being a Somalilander is about fighting for the recognition of Somaliland and trying to make invest in Somaliland, to help with infrastructure like roads, bridges, and highways, health care, education and law enforcement by working together with the police, military and government officials to help prevent crime or tragedies.

No matter where you are and how long have been away from the mother land and it’s hard to lose the identity of your native land and it’s hard to get adapted in a foreign land when you were evicted of the country because of the civil war in Somaliland in the 1980’s or when most of our people were forced to leave the country and they were exiled overseas or neighboring countries.

This was an historic week for the Somalilanders in the city of Shiefield the united Kingdom, Europe and Somalilanders all over the globe. Somalilanders in the UK and Europe second to the Landers back home in Somaliland are the most patriotic landers after them and in the diaspora they are the most active and it’s understandable that Somalilanders in the Middle East can’t fight Somaliland recognition because they are not citizens there and there is no free speech in those countries.

Somalilanders in North America both the United States and Canada so called Landers are nothing but traitors, cowards who don’t support Somaliland recognition. They only fight with each other and they don’t care about Somaliland, they only care about politics and business. Somalilanders in North America from Seattle to Toronto, From Calgary to Atlanta, From Boston to Minneapolis, From Columbus to Ottawa, From Edmonton to California  From New York to Chicago From DC to Connecticut.

Put your difference aside and work on helping Somaliland for fighting it’s cause and by working together and may 18th partying is not the time together and try to get together during the whole year and try to talk about getting Somaliland recognized by making online petition inside North America for the American and Canadian Somalilander so that they can petition for Somaliland recognition so that it can I go through, the municipalities, state, provincial, Federal governments and try to tell your MPS and congressman, alderman or city councilor about Somaliland’s case and now we are the laughing stock of the Somaliland diaspora community and that I was in Hargeisa last summer and a bunch locals told me that your fellow Somaliland North American aren’t real Somalilanders.Talk about the development and improvement of Somaliland.

Somaliland community of North America if you love Somaliland take initiatives of Somaliland or maybe you guys don’t want Somaliland to get recognized and for your silence you guys are trying to push with Somalia, and I remember the time during the war in Somaliland in the 80’s and the early 90’s in North America most of the landers were with  Siad Barre and they were upset about Somaliland splitting up from Somalia in 1991 and that was a true story and I was present for it.  Somaliland North America what’s going to be Somaliland getting recognition and Somaliland will never be a part of the greater Somalia again.  Either you guys are with or against Somaliland.


  1. cheers!!!!!!!! bravo we are much appreciated what our government doing for us !!!!!! viva somaliland viva silanyo . ROME was not build in one day takes centuries to become ROME !!

  2. The Landers in North America have to work together in order to recognition from the respective governments. We can’t only depend on the president and government for Somaliland getting recognition we must help Somaliland.