18 may12

Somaliland is totally different from Somalia, and that Somaliland has a lot of things that Somaliland doesn’t have:

1. Stability

2. Peace

3. Fair Free elections and the citizens vote not the government to select the parliament, president, city council.

4. Thriving Economy

5. Return of the diaspora who are not afraid to return home

6. The people there are law abiding citizens

7. Laws are respected

8. Citizens cooperate with the police and government officials

9. Population growth

10. Honest people

11. Expanding cities and towns

12. Constructions and rebuilding of buildings, roads, highways, bridges, schools, hospitals, police stations

13. Business is everywhere

14.Education improvement

15. No road blocks inside the city and no police harassment on citizens

16. Free to move around the city without fear

17. Free to move around the whole country without fear

Things I mentioned have more laws then the countries which are not recognized and that Somaliland not recognized is something we need to fight against, for Somaliland getting the recognition it deserves, we can’t only depend on the government for the recognition of Somaliland and the developments of Somaliland we need to take appropriate measures so that will have a seat in New York city at the UN council, so that universities, schools, will be recognized to go abroad to upgrade the studies,  so that the Somaliland passport can be travelled all over the world with hesitiation and that the Somaliland driver’s license gets accepted every where in the world. So that more youth employement and opportunities in the country  and business will be thriving and Hargeisa will be the next Dubai. We the landers in North America are not active when it comes to our country and to a certain someone who said that I live in Canada and this is not true and I am afraid that you are not living in reality and you have not been living in Canada for a long time like my self, and stop with the denial and work together for Somaliland and for this certain person having parties for may 18th doesn’t count and that’s only time that Somalilanders in the US and Canada get together and they never seem to talk about Somaliland getting recognition or the ongoing developments in Somaliland, and please if any who is offended by this please connect me and my email address is guledguled82@yahoo.ca .



    • You are not even from Somaliland, and telling people to patroitc of their country is not a crime and I think you are the people who are with unity. By the way I meant to Somalia instead of Somaliland, I made an error on that, I meant to say that the Somaliland has something Somalia doesn’t have.

  1. What’s the matter the truth hurts, stop acting like cowards and act like a man and we Somalilanders men are not even men.

  2. I meant that we somalilander men in North AMERICA ARE NOT even men, the Somalilander men allover are men.