By Nesru Jemal, 1 January 2014

Ethiopian Consulate in Somaliland held discussions with Ethiopian community members living in Borama town and its vicinity an on Saturday, 28 December 2013.

The meeting was attended by Consul General Brigadier General Berhe Tesfay, Deputy Chief of Borama District, Mr. Abdi Nur Sugal, Mayor of Borama City, Mr. Suleiman Hassan Hadi and other high level officials from the security sector and a number of religious leaders.

Discussions covered the overall development and security situation in Ethiopia and a briefing on the new Ethiopian Diaspora Policy which aims to ensure the participation of the Diaspora in the development of the country and their benefits thereof.

In the discussion, the participants were urged to establish stronger community association capable of implementing broad self-support packages among community members.

General Berhe Tesfay urged the participants to play a part in the Ethiopian Government schemes including the recent housing scheme aiming to benefit Ethiopians including in the Diaspora.

He noted the Ethiopian government’s ambition and determination of ensuring sustainable growth which will benefit all segments of the society in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa region. General Berhe hailed the Ethiopian communities’ encouraging roles in reinforcing the people-to-people relations between Ethiopia and Somaliland. Community members vowed to continue uncovering any anti-civilian disruptive plots orchestrated by anti-peace elements such as Al-shabaab, ONLF and OLF and bringing the perpetrators to justice.

General Berhe appreciated the participants’ commitment towards peaceful co-existence and in fighting terrorism.

Deputy Chief of Borama district, Mr. Abdi Nur Sugal, for his part said his administration will remain committed in addressing any challenges the Ethiopian community members are facing.

He said the joint efforts towards expedited cooperation will continue and emphasized the positive role the Ethiopian community in Borama and other parts of Somaliland could play for the achievement of this.

Source :Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency (Addis Ababa)