“Let’s have faith in our judiciary system,” Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamed told an audience Monday at London’s Chatham House, the foreign affairs think-tank.

A day later, press freedom and human rights advocates are struggling to find such faith, after a court in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, sentenced to one year in jail a woman who claimed she was raped by security forces and a freelance journalist, Abdiaziz Abdinuur, who interviewed her.

They were convicted for insulting the government, according to news reports. Local journalists told CPJ that Abdiaziz’s trial was flawed, with the defense obstructed from presenting several witnesses and little evidence provided by the prosecution.

Human rights groups have said the trial of the journalist and his interviewee was politically motivated, designed to deflect reports of rampant sexual abuse by Somali security forces, according to international news reports.


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Borja Bergareche/CPJ European Consultant


Link: http://www.cpj.org/blog/2013/02/faith-in-somali-judiciary-hard-to-find-after-abdia.php



  1. Sometimes abuse can be met with a denial; a refusal that there is a problem, or the feeling that it will tide over when circustances change. I suspect that Somalia will go through that phase – a merry-go-round of guilt. When myopia and mayehm to rebel grips the Southern society (the leaders and the led) time and time again, what woul it acquire, and whom would it identify as its adversary? Good moves always breed better ones and vice versa. And we see hope, laughing children, lollipos and happy days for Somailand. I wonder what the guy who callls himself "tellemtruth" and other laughing cows, lkie Kayse, would say?

    • LOL somethings never change:

      – A Bird will always sing at sunrise, does it forget there will be another sunset?
      – A Donkey for ever cries at sunset, does it forget there will be another sunrise?

      Somethings are by design and some are by habit they cannot help themselves… We need to tolerate the early morning screeching of powerless little birds and the night screams of the back broken donkeys. They are simply afraid of change and they forget that they are bound to forever repeat their miserable protests that will never effect their conditions… The Sun will RISE and SET no matter how many times birds screech or donkeys scream from birth till they die and the world will go on without taking notice of their protests.

      🙂 let them screech and scream

  2. Hassan Mahamoud should prepare himself for an international tribunal since Murder and rapes are being committed by his own security forces.

    – 54Women raped every day in muuqdishu by non other then Hassan Mahamoud's Security forces.
    – 18 Journalists have been assassinated in the last 12months of which 6months Hassan was accountable

    Since Hassan Mahamoud enjoys the luxury of the seat of President and head of state he must prepare himself for a international tribunal for the crimes being perpetrated by his security forces. The same security forces that have the power of stop and search, the power of forceful entry of property, the power of detention in substandard prisons and the power to manupilate the court system as even the judges do not have the confidence to oppose these security forces on Hassan Mahamoud payroll.

    Hassan Mahamoud is holding onto his Presidential seat by the power of Amisom and this is the main reason why he is not concerned about the failures of the justice system. Since there is no plan for Amisom's withdrawal it is safe to conclude the ill-disciplined security forces of Hassan Mahamoud are given no incentive to protect the law.

    It is in Hassan Mahamoud's strategic interest to allow the portrayal of Somali forces as total invalids so as to prolong the international funding of Amisom. While Hassan is forever presenting excuses to the international donor body ever required action will be deferred on account of STATE-APPARATUS reconstruction!

    Security deferred
    Refugee repatriation deferred
    Relations with neighbors deferred
    Protecting the coast deferred
    Fulfill international sponsored London conference action points deferred
    Where is the governance capacity expansion to puntland, Galmudug, ASWJ and amisom freed territory?


    I think it is time the international donors demanded the action points of the 2012 London conference to be adhered to prior to release of any further funds that may be siphoned off into foreign accounts.

    There should also be an independent fact finding mission sent to ascertain the true condition of the 1.5million idp population of muuqdishu specially the recorded 1700rape victims and the families of the 18journalists. Hassan Mahamoud and his government and security forces must be brought to international tribunal if found guilty of aiding and abetting or even for their negligent behavior to treat rape and murder as a trivial matter.

    He who wears the KINGS rope must be exposed for their failure and where possible held responsible and accountable at the Hague.

    • Don't make me have to repost the article about the 4000 rape epidemic in 2011 in Sland and the 2 to 3 rapes a day just in Hargeisa .

      At least with the South they're coming from a horrible 20+ years civil war whats Slands excuse ?

      • none, yet these secessionist have the audacity to criticize others. Hanad is bias, self hating fool and Buuxiye is further in the dark. Because out of all the BS I heard on this site his always seems to sticks out, I think has to do with the fact that it seems like he finds joy in the suffering other Somalis (non S/landers).

        • Paranoid Baboons.

          – There nothing left in somalia for anyone to be an enemy to…. your parents did that.
          – I feel sorry for the victims of somalia's lack of honorable leaders

  3. What disgusting bunch of sub-human scum. Arresting a journalist because he dared to report the crimes committed by mooryan scum against their women. wow


          • Me and single mother HAHAHA. Talk about craziness. The person who's showing all the sign of mental illness is you. btw spelling error crazy. typo problem haa.even thou I know how you would react if the shoe was on the other foot.

  4. Hanad

    Well here's the thing, the judicial system in Somalia is facing a reboot. It will take some time before it can be back to a world standard. Now I wish it would've been dealt with by a sharia court, which is a more reliable way for a Muslim person.

    As for these human writes watch groups, some of them are genuine and some are riddled wit bias and propaganda, which is used to insult and belittle all non western society's, same goes for NGO groups. Now with that said if this women was raped and there is cover up, then all i have to say is, judgement awaits them all in the after life.

    Now as to your pretend country, I would like to ask you why you assume all the people in Somaliland are watching their kids play with lollipops in their mouth, are you not aware of the disparity faced by some of your fellow Somalilanders, are you not aware that there are places in the very boundary you claim to be your country, where people are dying at the hands of your SNM Militia or that there are places where your SNM militia or any one associated with them can not go to with out the risk of death, are you not aware of the discrimination faced by fellow Somalis in your beloved Somaliland.

    Now do not assume I am saying this with not being aware of the hardships face by Somalis within East Africa mostly caused by other Somalis. Whether it be direct or indirectly. Because of their squabbles and disunity, many suffer of things that can resolved. While some suffer at the hands of foreigners, who our leaders, whether they be secessionist or unionist, have have gathered under a tree to discuss and collaborate, how to marginalize and continue tribalism mindset, it disgusting to see one sitting and working with his ancient and current enemy. But whats more disgusting is knowing that we are the one nation in this world who inflects the most pain on it self.

    Somaliland is no the Garden of Eden, stop the BS hanad.

    Buuxiye isn`t your very Government who arrested and jailed a women at the whim of the minster of presidency, by the way what is minister of presidency, is it a way for him to run your pretend government, which would make your president a figure head instead of a actually president. There is something fishy going on with your pretend government. There very structure is not making sense, couldn't it be prime minster or sectary of state. Because I have never heard of that little before before Somaliland. I guess in pretend country there would be pretend job tittles.

    Buuxiye their are rape crimes all over the world, even in states that have enjoyed stability and have a strong judicial system. Buuxiye the solution for is being worked on as of the death penalty has been re-instated and anybody who found guilty of the crime of rape or murder. They shall be put to death. Whether they be a soldier or a civilian. As for the military, a militarily court has been established, which means soldiers will pay the consequence for any crime they commit.

    So buuxiye enjoy the suffering of Somalis as you usually do.

  5. I hope the young man gets freed. And the soldiers are punished, we all need to think about how we would feel if these were our sisters, mothers, cousins, etc

    No sane man or woman should want animals like that with a badge let alone roaming the streets.