By Goth Mohamed Goth

Cheering residents of the western city of Kala-bady lined the streets of the city to welcome a high level Delegation led by the first lady Amina Sheik Mohamed Jirde and her entourage of several cabinet ministers and other top government officials.

The first lady Madam Amina Weris and her entourage were welcomed by jubilant residents of all ages old and young alike who had come out in sheer force to welcome them, she later took part in a ground breaking ceremony in which she laid the foundation stone to the new Hospital and the first in the region and which will be built with funds which have been donated by the Djiboutian Madam Khadra Mahmoud Hayd.

Madam Amina Weris speaking after she laid the foundation Stone at the sight where the new hospital will be built said , “On behalf of the people of Kala-Baydh and Somaliland as a whole thanked the Djiboutian First Lady Madam Khadra Mahmoud Hayd for her generosity and H.E Ismael Omer Gulleh President of Djibouti.

The First lady was flanked by the Minister of Education and Higher learning Madam Zam Zam Abdi Aden , the Director of Humanitarian Coordination office Ms. Amina Mahmoud Diriye and the former Minister of Fisheries Hon Abdillahi Jama Osman “Geelljire” just to mention a few.


  1. good to know that marwo Hayd of djibouti and marwo Jirde flanked by high SL Govt
    officials are lying down the foundation of a new Hospital donated by marwo hayd.
    the cheering crowds should be proud of the new hospital.