By Goth Mohamed Goth
The Director General in the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources has refuted reports carried by local media which claimed that the government had “sold” the publicly owned NEC Fish to private enterprise.
A week earlier on riots broke out in the port city of Berbera, as claimed by the local media then, concerning the public facilities.

Speaking to the media during a press conference on Saturday held at the ministry headquarters the director of fisheries strongly refuted reports which alleged that the government owned facility used for the storage of fish by local fishermen was sold to a private firm known as Al Harbi Holdings.

“The Ministry of Fisheries is in charge of 2 storage facilities and has leased the NEC Fishing facility to two companies of which one is a foreign owned and a local owned company the other one similar to it is known as Batalale and its currently being managed by Sultan Mahmoud Ahmed Sheik and Mr. Ibrahim Dhegoweyne and a privately owned storage facility known as Untied Fishing”, He said.

The DG added , “If Al Harbi holdings is interested in investing in the natural resources of the country then they are welcomed to do so; further more they are citizens of this country and they‘re entailed to invest anywhere they want”.

He continued to say, “I urge fellow countrymen not to tarnish the reputation of fellow citizens who are benefitting the country by investing in the abundant natural wealth”.


  1. Why are these economic illiterates so against selling of facilities and resources? If Berbera port is not sold off to a major investor like DPP or Bollore,. it will not be able to expand and it will ultimately die. DPP owns Djibouti port and some of the world's biggest porst from America to South Africa. Bollore owns africa's biggest ports.

    The world fights over attracting such big name investors. why dont someone tell the morons of Berbera about this? They seem to riot everytime the very idea of inward investment is even mentioned.

    These ignorants remind me of tyhose who stoned the Britsih civil servants who were trying to build a college in sheikh in the 1940s. They left and built it in Uganda. it is called Makarere, one of the finest institutions in africa.

    We are our own worst enemies.

  2. Well they don’t want the cement factory, they don’t want the fishing company, so exactly what do they want, no development, advancement or employment, the phrase, cutting your nose to spite ur face..

  3. Every citizen who has money has the right to invest in Somaliland. Those so-called press who hide behind the wicked politicians and personal interest hungry people within should be deal with without mercy in the laws of this country.