BIHI YUNISBy Goth Mohamed Goth

The FM speaking to reporters regarding the matter concerning of the issuance of Ethiopian visa to Somaliland Citizens who want to travel to that country which stopped two weeks ago.

Hon Mohamed Bihi Yunis dispelling rumors of rift in the relations between the two countries said, “The matter regarding Somaliland citizens been not able to obtain visa to travel to Ethiopia is due to as lack of visa stickers which are used to being stamped on passports and not due to declining relations.

“The issuance of Ethiopian visa to Somaliland citizens who wish to travel to that country shall commence Thursday, next week and Ethiopian consulate officials have promised to speedy the process of issuing visa to those in the waiting list”, he said.

Hon Mohamed Bihi Yunis further went on to reiterate the existing good cordial relations between the two countries in a bid to refute rumors of worsening relations in recent times.

“I and fellow Somaliland cabinet ministers are expected to meet with Ethiopian, World Bank and EU officials in Nairobi, Kenya next month (7/7/2015) to discuss technical issues regarding the Berbera corridor which currently serves both land-locked Ethiopia and Somaliland and has the potential to become a regional trade hub

Somaliland President Silanyo is expected to travel to neighboring Ethiopia in the coming days to meet top Ethiopian government officials.