By Hassan Ali

Elders, youth, Diaspora, Intellectual and chiefs came together in Hargeisa today to jointly condemn and demand the immediate release of the proprietor of Haatuf and Somaliland times Mr. Yusuf Abdi Gabobe and his Chief Editor Mr. Ahmed Egge a day after a court in Hargeisa remanded the Haatuf duo for seven days.

In a Statement read during the Press conference held at hotel Haraf today by the Gadiid community stated as follows:

“We the Elders, youth, Diaspora, Intellectual and tribal chiefs of the Gadiid Community while respecting and safeguarding the good relations between our community and other communities in Somaliland deplore the nature in which the prosecution used in while trying the Haatuf duo.

The constitution of Somaliland states clearly that Press Law shall be applied in this case contrary to the application of the outdated and general law on this case is contrary to article 130(5) of the Constitution. The article clearly states that the pre-constitution laws are only applicable if they do not conflict individual rights and fundamental freedoms enshrined in the constitution.

The article further stipulates that after promulgation of new laws, the previous laws shall not remain in force. The Gadiid community therefore is concerned by the prosecution intentions to continue to sideline the of the Press Law and the criminalization of the press.

Signed By

1-Mahdi Aadan Xaashi

2-Yuusuf Xuseen Xasan

3-Maxamed Nuur Cabdillaahi

4-Ibraahim X.Axmed Ildab

5-C/laahi Cali Yuusuf (xamaraawi)

6-Mujaahid Maxamed Cabdillaahi Ismaaciil

7-Yuusuf Cali Ducaale

8-Axmed Maxamed Rooble

9-Iid Shabeel Cali

10-Axmed Khaliif Cabdi

11-Axmed Jaamac Faarax

12-Maxamed Axmed Muuse

13- Cabdillaahi Ismaaciil Xasan

14-Oday Yuusuf Caydiid

15-Axmed Cali

16-Shuun Xasan Maxamed

17-Aamina Carab Maxamed

18-Khadra Askar

19-Sahra Maxamed Cali

20-Muna Cabdi Cakala

21-Kowsar Cabdillaahi Yaasiin

22-Foosiya Cabdillaahi Xirsi

23-Sahra Jaamac Tukaale

24-Samsam Quule

25-Ifrax Cabdi Ruush

26-Sahra X.Jaamac

27-Basma Ibrahim Weerar

28-Khadra Maxamed Mooge

29Fahima Maxamed Mooge

30-Sacdiya Maxamed Mooge

31-Hibo Cali Muxumed

32-Safiya Aadan Xaashi

33-Ruun Faarax Maxamed

34-Hoodo Cabdillaahi Xasan

35-Xalimo Cismaan Maxamed

36-Hina Masalle

37-C/risaaq Caqli

38-Axmed Jirde Yuusuf

39-Ismaaciil Yuusuf

40-Mustafe Aadan Cismaan

41-Maxamed Cabdillaahi Diiriye

42-Xuseen Maxamed Rodol

43-Rashiid Cabdi Cali

44-Khaliil Ibraahim Xawaadle

45-Cabdillaahi Gahayr Jaamac

46-Axmed Aadan Cabdi

47- Maxamed Maxamuud Jaamac

48-Cali Muxumed Xirsi

49-Siciid Cumar Xasan

50-Cabdi Cali Mahdi

51- Axmed Ismaaciil Xuseen

52-Xuseen Xasan Aadan

53-Siciid Cali Salaan

54-Dr Yaasiin Cabdi Cismaan

55-Dr Fahad Cumar Carte

56-Dr Najiib Axmed Shunuuf

57-Jiir Cali Madoobe

58-C/kariim Cabdillaahi Xaashi

59-Maxamed Aw-cali



  1. The rest of Somalilanders don’t think so. This guy (Yusuf Abdi Gaboobe) should be locked up for good or send to Mandheera prison like Daahir Riyaale sent him in 2007 for spreading false lies for his own greedy mouth.

  2. Speak for yourself only please, and not for us. All the honorable Somalilanders standby their Mujahideen and not by faqash ka hadh. We’ll standby and die for every decent Somalilander who is subjected to draconian laws and faqashism.