courtIt is true that there was spate of a lot of youth menace whereby mugging was not done by professional thugs, but more often than not, youth overwhelmed by fad sprees.

That the state took a bold step and nipped it in the bud was a step hailed by all and sundry.

However the recent spate of un-necessary and fool-hardy killings needs quite same explanations.

We cannot assumingly say that “fad sprees” culminated in murders all over. But whatever the reasons that recent soaring in numbers of pointless killings taking place must have some explanations somehow. The state, as it has always done, has been swift in apprehending the culprits who have caused fatal casualties.

We know that traditionally, unless pushed too far, case histories of victims and perpetrators of murders mostly have prior entangled in crossing of swords, whether individually or communally.

Murders usually have causative explanations; thus serious motives could be palpated as having catalyzed such fatal acts.

However, what we now see is something that cannot be comprehended. Several deaths have recently occurred without backgrounds of motives that can be justified.

Although we know that murders are worth no justification at all, but the motives at least could hold some weight as to give some pointers as to the reasons of causative agents.

The recent spate of several murders that have happened randomly which are evidently not inter-connected confounds the people for one main thing: They tend to happen without proper motives.

They happen tentatively and carelessly.

Such has got to have a way to be contained for it cannot be let to continue at any or all costs.

The state and people of Somaliland cannot afford such senseless perpetrations that curtail lives of its own naively.

The awkward trend must be stopped completely.

On the other hand more efforts should be stepped up in the fight against illicit drugs like bhang (hashish) and liquor.

They, in most cases, have been catalysts in getting such fatal actions be committed between friends, foes, families and or relatives, colleagues or acquaintances.

Whatever the case, the state should leave no stones unturned until it has got into the root and bottom of this misdemeanor hence not only curtail it, but see to it that its recurrence becomes a bygone.

This war can only be won if we achieve to have everybody being included.