Golis University is one of the most well-known and successful universities in Somaliland. Main compus in Hargeisa, Golis provides students with a foundation for lifelong learning and intellectual growth as well as the practical means for a fulfilling career in Somaliland.  Although English has already been used for much of the campus coursework, this year Golis University selected English as the primary medium of instruction in its offices, classes and activities.


English is the dominant language of scientific inquiry, diplomacy, and other international communication worldwide.  Mastery of English will give Golis students the opportunity to further participate in these global networks. For instance, published academic research will garner wider readership and acknowledgement. Furthermore, students will be better prepared to seek higher degrees at institutions abroad that also use English as the official language.


Adopting an English language curriculum will allow a greater number of Diaspora Somalis and other international students to enroll at Golis University. Thus, the use of English promotes cultural exchange. 







Diaspora Somalis, like the ones pictured above, do not come Somaliland only for travel or leisure but also to be educated in their home culture English is the strongest language of communicate. Now Golis hopes to be a center of education and exchange

For Somalilanders, proficiency in English will further complement a background in learning Somaliland’s two official languages Somali and Arabic, which all Somaliland students are required to learn in primary, middle and high school. Overall, the greater promotion of English will benefit both Golis University and Somaliland at large.


 go2Due to peace and security, Somaliland’s tourism sector has increased dramatically over the past five years. It is important to equip our young graduates with proficiency in English in order to share our culture and stories with non-Somalilanders. Golis is ready to produce these young and talented graduates.


Furthermore, the initiative will promote the exchange of ideas between local and international staff. This will attract the best minds from both Somaliland  and abroad.



Golis Aims to attract more international collaborations to became Somaliland’s Number one University by2016


Greater international cooperation has already proven to be fruitful. For example, Golis University’s policies and procedures concerning the development and maintenance of academic standards and the assessment and enhancement of the quality of learning opportunities have been upgraded by collaborating with international universities anud institutions.  For example, Golis has recently collaborated Master of Business program with Jomo Kenyata University Nairobi, Kenya.


In conclusion, Somaliland government should provide experienced consultants in our universities who would improve curriculum standards to produce inspired productive and innovative graduates with excellent English writing and speaking skills, which will help Somaliland to boost tourism sector as well as to achieve its goal to become a sustainable nation by 2030.


By: Eng. Mohamed Ali.

Bsc Industrial Biotech, UNISEL, M.Eng. (Chemical-Bioprocess),UTM, Malaysia.

HP. 4192245

Email: Truemaxamed@yahoo.com

Hargeysa, Somaliland.

Independent Writter.



  1. And a dental school please, it will make a big difference if dental hygiene was considered part of health education than "cosmetics".

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