warancadeBy Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland Minister of Interior and in charge of internal security Hon Ali Mohamed Waran cade today speaking during a press conference held in his office today issued an ultimatum to all ordering foreign citizens to leave the country by 1st of Feb, 2016 or else they shall register themselves with Somaliland authorities.

Hon Ali Mohamed Waran cade went on to say,”Any citizens caught assisting them to stay in the country illegally or without proper permission from authorities shall be arrested and prosecuted in a court of law.

“Any public transport vehicle caught ferrying illegal into the country shall be fined the amount of $1000 Dollars for the first time offence and his driving licensees shall be revoked on the spot and the government shall confiscated the vehicles of second time offenders,” he added.

The Minister of Interior however reiterate that the government will issue permanent residence visa to all foreign citizens who wish to stay and work in the country if the register with the government.

Lastly, Hon Ali Mohamed Waran cade advised Somaliland citizens to register for the national identification card so as to avoid being mistakenly arrested by the police.

Somaliland authorities today started rounding up foreigners living illegally in the country.