By Mustafa Abdi Ibrahim

The Governor of Togdheer region Mr. Ahmed Omer Haji Abdillahi (Xamarje) is said to have submitted his resignation letter to President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud (Silanyo) earlier today shortly before he left for neighboring Ethiopia.

The administrator is said to have submitted resignation letter to President Silanyo today although the reason for his decision to quit his post which he has held for nearly one year now is yet to be revealed.

The resignation of the official comes amid the recent political tensions which has engulfed the Togdheer region and the detention of the former deputy of Togdheer region Mr. Guleed Dahir for second time just two days after he was released for incitement charges.

It’s not known if President Silanyo has accepted the resignation but unconfirmed reports say the head of state told the official to hold on until he returns from Ethiopia.


  1. Good for Mr. Xamarji to tender his resignation. Reliable sources tell us he is resigning because he does not want to be a party to the criminality taking place in Togdheer region.

  2. Burao Togdheer is the 2nd Capital City of SL and historically the most vulnerable
    Region in the whole of SL. Therefore, it's always necessary that a tough Governor who is
    capable to assure expeditious controls on the fabric toxics in that province is presented.
    I have always felt that MR Hamarji wasn't the right flavour for the tough job of Governorate of that Regional Province. Now with Oil explorations taking effect soon in that Province, it's highly important
    that the presidency should be able to nominate a well renowed Governor for the Togdheer.

  3. Mr Xamarji tendered his resignation just because he had done his national dusties in a just way, not siding with either West or East of Burco resdident, and carrying responsibilities in the required way is not what Siilaanyo and his poddle, Xirsi Gaab want to. The push and pressure to him from the presidential palace.

  4. Power Hungry Habar Yoonis should educate their kids to do business like Habar Jeclo and stop hating their brothers for a government in Hargeisa they got nothing to do with. Siilaanyo did not create Indhadeero Group of Companies, Dahabshiil, Al harbi they've existed for the last 40 years just like all the other Habar Jeclo Maalqabeen before them like Qaasin Qodax, Xashiish just to name a few. Why Habar Yoonis from Burco cannot do business & make money like their brothers instead always wanting handouts? Can someone please Answer if you've an answer. thanks

    • Ahmed,
      Your thinking is absolutely low and dull. Pls refresh your mind with today's rationalization.

      • Kuluc..sxb maxa ka dhigay maraboobta oo kale..Ahmed asked genuine IQ why can't you
        answer or just keep chill?

        • Jaale cheers,

          Slaves never understand unless they are whipped. I am sure that your sense of humor will improve sooner than later. The whip is oiled and you will get the lashes that you need. Nacas yaw soo cabay.

    • Axmed psycho sicko you should not ignore Habar Yoonis was always the wealthiest community in Burco. Who were the adheelayaal of Burco. All their wealth were used to free you from Afweine's chains. Who do you think financed unselfishly SNM? That is where our wealth was spent while Siilaanyo was bilking SNM donations and along the way made Dahabshiil wealthy. Why do you think Siilaanyo retired in London on a private house worth $500,000? Where did he got this money from? Dahabshiil got his money from the SNM funds. Indhadeero was made wealthy by Egal markii la bedelayay lacagtii hore ee Somalia. So don't rub your hatred on our noses maangaab yahaw. Go and learn your history.

      • Abdi, Your fuelling polarisation is no better than a big sick whale stranded in the big oceans. If HY is wealthy and good leaders let's us see. Forget going back to the SNM days. We are in different World of pluaristic good governance shared by all Slanders. What is your stupid fitna all about and who such fitna benefits???

        • Isn't it you who wants to promote polarization when you wish the next governor to be HJ (Cibraan). You already have the mayor (reer Biniin). You have 60 top Togdheer government officials while we only have 28. Next governor can not be HJ. Car ku dhaca hadaa rag tihiin. I guarantee you the consequences will be disastrous not just for Siilaanyo but for Somalland as well.

          • Abdi,
            No hard feelings. Nothing personal. Tell me any tribe in SL. with the demographics , quantity,quality of Mohamed-Cibran) SH.Isaaq that's without cabinet or governorate?
            I don't care or mind at all, I only suggested without obligation, not forcing or bullying
            the presidency decisions in any shape or form. Am only entitled to opine. If your tribe is
            capable take the Governor of Burao okay.

          • Abdi,
            BTW..just a reminder. The mayor that you cited won his post thru the Kulmiye
            Municipal Councilor elections. The Governor is a different ball game that comes
            through nomination by the presidency. The two are unrelated issues. What is won by
            election is different than what's politically nominated from the highest levels.
            The Cibran always used to enjoy a Cabinet portfolio in all previous Govts.
            Only a big loser in the Kulmiye Govt. Neither in the cabinet nor the governorate!.

          • Mohamed Cheers, you are a big qabyaliste waxid. Individuals like you make fitna between Somalilanders.

            Shame on you.

          • Runta,
            Down you go. Runtana sheegato beentana ka naxaysatoo!. Sxb Ilaahay
            halaga cabasdo…boqorka nicmal almawla wa nicma alwakiil!.

          • Runta,
            Tell me, who is not a big qabyalisye waxid in SL. All the SL tribes are qabyaliste.
            That's why upto now that multiparty systems ayy ka dhamaan ladahay big
   dumb jack foxhole?

          • Mohamed sakhraan cheers. if you don't stop the fitna and qabyaalada aad ka dhexwado reer somaliland i will hunt you like a dog u are.

          • Xirsi gaab,
            If you can do have my full permission. But that name is my soul
            and blood. Think it over!.

          • Xirsi gaab,
            Just one more, am a strong guiding spirit for the real Xirsi gaab. What am I missing

          • mohamed xoolo cheers. are you saying xirsi gaab baa kuqaba?
            you are missing how stupid and ignorant you are, do you really think xirsi ricidh or any of u r type scares me. your time's up finished then we will see where u r boyfriend will hide.

          • Xirsi gaab,
            Devils are my hunting hobby.. . bye fr now..Let's end it here.
            Too much filthy talks are the weapons of the devils.

          • How Hersi Gaab can kill his mentor you fool. He is a dead pawn without me for sure.

  5. Axmed, I am sure that all Somalilanders take pride in the companies you mentioned, and I am certain all Somaliland communities have their fare share of wealthy businesses. And I am also certain that these companies employ and do business with members of every community. The issue in Burco is political, which is always linked to inter-community issues, which won't be resolved by creating further friction and division between them by alleging perceived differences based on money. If you were a true Somalilanders such a thought would never have crossed your mind. I suspect you are another fifth columnist. Nice try.

  6. Hamarji is an incompetent and can not handle the affairs of Togdheer region, it is good for him to go back to his Kat stall in Hargiesa.

    • See what this stupid dude says. He has no feelings for others. He simply posts his ugly offensive comments on this websites. Get a live you stupid.

  7. Togdheer needs someone like Jama Abdillahi Been, a former governor of Togdheer and a native of Burao. Someone from Togdheer can only handle that region and not a light weight from Guryo samo, Hargiesa.

    • Hamda,
      I know that crony, he is no good for that job although his Harbi clan are tough in Togdheer.
      Forget him.

    • Hamda,
      If you are related to ex Governor Jama Abdillahi Been and the other Harbi ex Governor,
      I think that since the Main Cibran Mohamed SH'Isaaq who are the 2nd largest of all the
      5ta HJ-wayn, (Musa,Cibran,Sanbuur,Toljecle,R'dood), the Cibran have no Cabinet Minister
      portfolio in the Kulmiye led Govt, and even their next Governorate post in Burao was furnished
      away to other SL tribes, It's worthwhile incumbent on the GOSL presidency to seriously consider
      the Governor of Burao for the Cibran Mohamed SH'Isaaq if there is a capable Governor other than
      the two already tested of the Harbi sub-clan of the Cibran main stream. To this end,
      I suggest Abdillahi Yare(Ina Afdaleh) of the Abdulla main stream. He is an old timer with a good
      Accounts degree with great experiences and already known to the Presidency..specially a close confidente of the Presidency Hon. Hersi Gaab.
      Nothing personal.

  8. Those two communities who are like TOM AND CHERRY must realize that the Province needs cohesion and brotherly engagement. The trouble of these two tribes was there since early fifties, and its very difficult to resolve. I have tried to get the inside of the hate between them, but someone who hails from them [both] once communicated with me and said, Omer, don't waste your time on this issue, because I am from them. He further told me that he had extensive investigation of his own that took him years, but could not get any substantial prove to lead him understand the problem, because there is no problem at all, but they cannot agree for obvious reason.

    Therefore, we shall forget to talk about this, because even if the President nominates someone who hails from both tribes, its difficult that they agree to anything. We pray for them to come to their sense and protect the regions and Somaliland.

    • Dear Omer,

      People are not born with hate. Humans themselves create hate, and hate originates from grievances (dulmi). The reason of this standing friction lies on one of the two clans. To my view, the real fight is that there is a struggle between the two communities as to who ought to have the upper hand in Burco, and history is a merciless judge.

    • My friend at the bottom correctly phrased it hate is socially constructed. The biggest problem one tribe that want to suck the blood of another. As you know hj never lived around Buroa before. They are new comer and the want to dislodge the other. As I am from one of them I know what the issue is here never satisfied greed . HH has good experience. As you never have any lived with the , you cannot say a word about them. You should not base your judgment on what they told. They be biased towards themselves. The question is not One who is not embroiled in the problem may have the key to the solution.. Other Isaaq clan will see them. They settle with you and evict you from your ancestoral land. These two clan has lived side by side thousand of years, intermarried and they live in perfect harmony unless the land issue is raised. Hi are now on move and you will feel the brunt of their problem soon. It just like the giraffe that asked a man in hut to allow her to put her nake only from the torrential rain. Once it was inside, it took over all the hut leaving the man exposed to the rain. This is exactly the metaphor ether hj acts. Just look what they are doing. They have RRU to kill people who got thirsty due to serious miscalculation sleaz, grift , nepotism and never holding back their wrong. You think they are community who live in their own little world. To understand hj don't go further look at somali websites, nowadays, they are sucking the blood of the nation and you will see the next president will not get a cents in govt coffer.

      • @ Ali

        You wrote; "hj never lived around Buroa before. They are new comer and the want to dislodge the other" Haven't you heard 'Bankaa la eryaday Batookh weyn' markaad ku leedahay HJ never lived around Burco you idiot. I bet you not even Somalilander but Faqash pretending.

  9. It was 1954 and my great Uncle Barre Mohamoud Geele, was a member of the elders who went Togdheer to pacify the situation at the time. The wisdom of Barre was noticed during the discussion and an elderly called Farah Suusleh, noticed the wisdom of my relative and said, how come we don't meet or heard a man like you in our society. He further said I believe you are some who hails from minority, less fortunate who cannot stick his head, or someone who lives beyond the Issaaq territories.

    My relative responded, and said, I am nor from minority, and I am Reer Sheikh Ishaq, HA, Sacad Muse, and the God, almighty has given me all four fortunes, but I am BAALDEGEH, i.e I live beyond the territory of my great tribe [Ishaaqiyuun].

    If we cannot solve the problem of these two brothers, I believe we should form National Dialogue Commission who can once and for all put this to end.

    • Good point. I support the formation of a national dialogue commission, a fact-finding commission, that can put this recurring friction to an end.

      • Already the GOSL sent ministers to resolve the problems and it's working with everything

  10. as some one mentioned burcao needs like jamac c/laahi biin former governor he is competent enough to handle and manage such kind of minor violence. and debate those who are violating the peace process.