Insurgency acts will never be tolerated, he tells renegade traditional leader

The President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mahmud Silanyo has cautioned power jostling amongst top stalwarts within the Kulmiye party to stop un-necessary shadow-boxing in their clamouring quests to the detriment of the party.

At the same time the Head of State warned that the nation would not tolerate the insurgency politics of the likes of the renegade Sultan Wabar who opted for arms struggle.

In a New Year’s Eve message to the country in which the President expressed his greetings to the people of Somaliland he appealed to everyone to persevere for the sake of the aspirations of the nation.

“I send my passionate greetings to all the people of Somaliland on the occasion of the new 2015 year in which I wish them peace, development and prosperity”.

He added that as far as the country’s aspirations are concerned he expected triumph and ultimate achievement of sovereignty that is internationally recognized.

The President said that the insurgency bent Sultan Wabar’s action was out of question and that it can never be tolerated.

“Somaliland is a nation that cannot be brought down by a single person,” he categorically said.

“Others beforehand have tried the same means and have flopped miserably and tremendously”, added the President in reference to Somalilanders who try (have tried) to undermine the country from either within or without.

He said that the people of the nation had long ago resolved on their aspirations hence cannot settle for anything less.

“It confounds for a traditional leader to take to arms for they have always been pacifiers”, said the President.

He continued that the country had chosen and taken the democratic path of governance hence would never tolerate non-servicemen to carry arms.

He elaborated that he welcomed the gesture shown by Awdal traditional leaders who paid him a courtesy call hence sought to have their grievances addressed.

Pledging to delve into their issue positively, he however warned drastic measures against the renegade traditional leader’s insurgencies.

On the other hand the President cautioned top Kulmiye leaders to stop immediately hence refrain from bitter jostling for power at the cost of the party’s image.

In a direct but veiled rebuke to both foreign and finance ministers who have been in the limelight in recent weeks in bitter struggles against the party’s chairman for future flag-bearership in presidential candidacy, the President was quite prudent and told them to stop forthwith.

“It is quite imprudent for party stalwarts to wrestle amongst themselves on a candidacy that I am still yet to defend”, said the President.

He said that as it has been evidenced in the press at recent times, jostling for power in the party has been promiscuous.

“I am the incumbent on this seat and yet to defend it for my second term”, clarified the President while adding, “I was elected to it by the people courtesy of the party hence am still the future candidate”.

The President is just about to finish his first term and has the right to defend the seat as per constitution.

“The party is a national one and a democratic one with its democratic values,” he said.

Telling them that they should stop shadow-boxing and that they should not create enmity through un-necessary bitter rivalry for something which is not there or whose time has not reached, the President asked them not to weaken the party.

In other words the President has finally put a stop to something that was potentially, technically and practically about to rend asunder the Kulmiye political party which is the ruling one.