A court in Hargeisa has reached a verdict in a case involving the Somaliland minister of presidency Hon Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan and Nadra Mohamed Jama a middle aged woman who was accused of sending inflammatory SMS text message threatening the minister.

The Hargeisa District court reached the verdict today after the accused woman in front of a packed courtroom said,” I am the one who send the SMS text messages to the minister of Presidency.

The presiding judge then read the ruling in which he sentenced the accused to serve an 8 month jail sentence.

Prior to the sentencing close family members of the Nadra Mohamed Jama wrote a letter of apology to the minister of Presidency in which was circulated by local media outlets.

The case had attracted the interested of both the majority of Somaliland population and local Human rights groups who later withdrew their support.

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  1. Which code of conduct did the court apply to Nadra's 8 months sentence? Indian penal code? Or Hirsi Gab's poor conduct and conviction? What a shame? What a disgrace? Did we forget what Siilaanyo himsefl used to Riyaale? Where honor has gone? Imagine what happens when ignorance has the upper hand and neither honor nor nobility is our guide? Scandal after scandal1

  2. Inflammatory and Threatening messages are illegal and shamefull…..waa inay dadku xishoodaan. Somaliland is place of laws anyone who breaks these laws will be dealt with in a court of law period. Try that in the US, Briton or Canada and you get your ass fried and sent to jail.

  3. The idea is not do what the Romans do. We are neither canadian nor brits nor Americans. He who never respects Somalil culture gets disgrace. He who does not respet his cutlure must get his ass up and go back to school.where ethics are taught.

    • I agree….there are those minds that dwell with different ppl and likes immediately overnight to look like…You should not try to move swiiftly from your culture…Wait..step by step you will…otherwise you gonna break you pelvis..caqligaasi waa waxa dowlado badan ay u noqddeen ushaqeeyoyaal dhaqamo kale iyago koodi ka dhigey in wax laqaato una lahayn..believe dhaqan kaaga.

  4. The Culture where a criminal is only pursued or brought to trail at the request of the Victim is among the aspects that make African Judicial system rather prehistoric.

    The State must be able to pursue a criminal regardless of the plaintiff's position yes the plaintiff may request the court to pardon the accused but the Judicial system must still act independent of individual wishes and desires.

    Traditional justice can complicate modern judicial system which is further complicated when one wishes to implement Sharia-law.

    – Traditional justice system.
    – Sharia Law.
    – Ango-Indian Judicial system inherited during British-protectorate era.

    It is a nightmare as Murder, Rape and abusive behavior all have different prudence under the 3 forms of legal systems.

    I am not sure 8-Months sentence makes any sense as her time in jail only costs further financial loss for the state where if she is given community service for 8-months:

    – She will give her time to society.
    – She will be able to continue to take care of her home and family responsibilities.
    – She will also gain valuable life skills that may assist her in future.

    The people being held in prison for petty crimes should be given broom sticks instead to clean the streets 6-12 & 3-6 specially the city center.

    • Where is the evidence? She is convicted on bases of a claimer,. Why are his words more reliable than hers? Is it maybe because he is in a power position, whereby he can command the judge behind doors? The imprisoning, torturing and killing of people just to silence them, is not new at all in north-west Somalia. It is the main tools of the separatists. Soon you will the IC revealing some shock cases, since they want to humiliate and expose the separatists these days.

  5. I personally don't agree to sentence the poor girl. At same time , I believe our people need to be disciplined. If there is no respect for public officials , we shouldn't have one in the first place. As far as I know, you can go to jail in the US for threatening someone. The good thing Hirsi has to go to court, an action that is never heard of in a Somali territory. Isn't that something we have to be proud off, Somaliland. I am not sure if there is law created for him or officials or the girl is jailed by the book. If it is by the book , it is good lesson for people to abide by the laws regardless of your title. I hear all the time people talking about officials wrongly and rightly in public and no was penalized for it. I think what made this different is being intrusive into someone's properties like Cells phone. In this case, I think this poor girl stepped out.
    Frankly speaking, I don't like this man and his action against this poor girl.

    • Before you even talk about discipline, why are you not wondering why this lady is being sentenced purely on his words? Is that evidence?

    • Out of the 3dual track systems, it would seem that the court only used the ango-indian
      judicial system inherited during British-Protectorate era. Looks like the Court ruling has been
      candidly lenient…anyways no bones broken and this matter should now be closed as final

  6. Gosh, and they dare to talk about the south judicial system hahahahahahahhaha. Arresting, jailing and killing journalist and the people for telling truth, and this kind of jailing all started in Somaliland, and it's still their (separatists) main tools of oppressing the people and forcing to their ideology of secession.

  7. Who cares about what the Somali tradition does today? Not the as same as diaspora who support them nor the IC? What is wrong with you to support the obviously forced confession against our weakest? Who are we suppose to protect? Not allow the power hungry and emotionally inferior use against our own freedoms and inspirations repressed against.

  8. I feel happier to denounce the current government. Due to the our overall democratic aspirations being quelled by the same. Denounce this current government and support Democracy not oppression? Don't make same mistake again. No one cares Siilanyo is SNM. He doesn't t represent our aspirations or our dignity as a democratic Nation today? Does it?

  9. Hirsi Has claimed that this lady had insulted him by communicating with him directly on the phone. he immediately put her behind bars for 3 weeks without judicial process. And now the so-called kangaroo court sentences this poor women to 8 months jail term without declaring the nature of the offense and without proper trial. This miscarriage of justice is unacceptable.

  10. Finally someone goes to jail for talking smack and undermining some ones good name without proof. Now lets apply this to so called journalists! Either publish articles based on facts and proof or shut the fu g up!

    • Let's arrest all the separatists then for lying and creating fabricated lies for more than 20+ years

  11. I never thought there was an Act dealing with electronic communications in SL. But although it is wrong to abuse these messaging services, judges never send the person who to such long sentence unless the person has shown no remorse about what they have done.

    Is the lady protesting her innocence, or she just claims the sentence is too harsh?

    If there is no Act regarding electronic messaging, then this will be a unlawful and they need to introduce a law to police future cases like this so everyone knows what the score will be.