By Goth Mohamed Goth


Baligubadle-The Governor of Hawd region has refuted in the strongest terms accusations made by the two official opposition organizations UCID and WADDANI that purported that the government had used security forces to take over the local government offices in Baligubadle town.


Mr. Yassin Mohamed Shide, the governor of Hawd region speaking to reporters in his office said, “Local councilmen had sought out their differences and had reached a consensus to serve the constituents. “I would also like to use this opportunity to thank the minister of interior for sparing no effort finding a solution to the in longstanding contention.


“The Ministry of Interior intervened and ruled the councilmen does not have authority to move forward with proceedings to remove the sitting Mayor of Baligubadle without following the proper channels”, the Administrator said.


He Added. “It has become a norm for politicians aligned to opposition political parties to stir up trouble, let them be informed that councilmen in Baligubadle won’t fall for the scheme.


“We thank Allah for blessing the people of Hawd region with good rain and I would also Hon Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, the minister of interior for his timely intervention and finding a solution to the matters at hand”, he said.


Lastly, Mr. Yassin Mohamed Shide, the governor of Hawd region urged politicians representing the two opposition’s parties to stop from issuing false statements meant to divide the populace.