The Haysimo Regional Governor Abdirashid Mohammed Ahmed
The Haysimo Regional Governor Abdirashid Mohammed Ahmed

By M.A. Egge

The Haysimo Regional Governor Abdirashid Mohammed Ahmed has called for the urgent initiation of conciliatory dialogues for the sake of the propagation of everlasting peaceful stability in and around Taleeh area.

At the same time the RG called for the government to equally initiate and facilitate the core basic public services direly needed by the resident members.

The administrator made the appeals on Friday through the public media.

He gave the sentiments in the wake of a landmark peace accord made in the Buhodle center of Odanle that have been hailed largely and praised highly between two major clans.

He said that since he was named the regional’s chief, his time and endeavours overshadowed by skirmishes that pitted two groups belonging to the same sub-clan.

He praised the President for having intervened immediately whereby contingents of military personnel were deployed to disperse the rivals and restore tranquility.

The RG said that despite the fact that peaceful scenario has returned, the tranquility would be further fortified for a lasting and better stability if a tangible accord is struck.

He further appealed to the state to make available the basic public services that the residents need.

The RG was named recently following last year’s creation of the province by the Head of State.