English Version Cabdikariim Axmed Mooge1
Tribalism Smells Bad,” say I / Uf anaa leh Qabiila (Maxamed Xaashi Dhamac “Gaarriye”)

Event: Public Lecture and debate

Speaker: Cabdikariim Axmed Mooge

Date and time: Monday 19th January 2015 – 18.30/20.30

Venue: Hargeysa Cultural Center

Redsea Cultural Foundation invites you to a Public Debate led by Cabdikariim Axmed Mooge on  the theme: “Tribalism Smells Bad,” Say I ( Uf anaa leh Qabiilka). The debate will focus on the incompatibility between Tribalism and Statehood, national unity versus tribal fragmentation and discord.  The event at Hargeysa Cultural Center is the second of a series of public lectures, where the speaker focuses on a topical sociopolitical/socioeconomic and cultural issue in Somaliland.

Cabdikariim will be participating in an open lively questions and answers session based on his short presentation on the cancerous effect of tribalism. The aim of this open debate is to bolster civic culture, citizenship and equal opportunity for all in democratic Somaliland  Young people are particularly invited to come in full force and participate the debate.

Cabdikariim Axmed Mooge is a long time civil society activist. He is a founding member of  HAVOYOCO, a leading Horn of Africa NGO; he has also worked for several other non-governmental international organizations before he has joined the Somaliland Government. He is now the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources.

The event will take place at Hargeysa Cultural Center (HCC) on Monday 19th January, 18.30.

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