By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Minster of Education and Higher learning Madam Zam Zam Abdi Aden said the raise in student’s tuition fees was justifiable, while responding to protests by University students which rocked the learning institution earlier yesterday said,

“The Rise in tuition fees goes towards improving the quality of the teaching at the institution”, she said.


Dr. Abdi Hussein Gaas the Vice Chancellor of the Hargeisa University has in the past stated that the university administration decision was due to rising administrative costs leave us no other choice but to increase the tuition fees so as to meet the ever sky rocketing expenses.


Similar moves by the University admiration to increase tuition fees were been met with fierce opposition by students at the university at the end of last Semester, the university administration had previously informed undergraduates about the changes in tuition fees.

Brigadier General Abdillahi Fadal Iman told protesting students to go back to the University and wait for authorities to address them but his attempts to negotiate with students proved futile after angry students became adamant on continuing with their demonstration into the city center.


Moments later riot police units were called in to block the students from reaching the second Hargeisa bridge this was followed by running battles between the anti-riot police units and students who later converged outside the university premises and started to burn tires.

The Minister of Education urged students to express their grievances in a peaceful manner and that the government is looking into the matter.



  1. Good to see students expressing themselves peacefully. But Ia m the only one to notice they are gender-separated and almsot all the female tsuden ts are covered from head to toe in Saudi garb? We are nurturing a generation of Un-Somali talibans. Remember salafist wahabbism is not only destroying our culture like a face-eating virus, it is inherently anti-Somaliland because it rejects the concept of nation state. They believe we should join something they call Umma or khilifah whioch essentially means rule by some Asians.
    “Ninkii mas korsaday isaga meleg”

  2. we need the more changes on inter ministry of education to be reshuffles and hon zamzam to resign for post she isn’t fit !!!!!! furthermore education in Somaliand its seems business rather give out the materials for skills and knowledge even university students are below the standard because not even from formalities pass of secondary education just entered with fake registration . the government should sake for most second budget expenses in our tax money how improve it and performances carry out .