If they are men of honour with an ounce of self-respect, both the Somaliland Foreign Minister, Mohamed Abdillahi Omar and his colleague at Home Affairs, Mohamed Nur Araale “Duur” would resign.

Time after time, we have seen their abilities tested and found wanting. Time after time we have seen the policies they have implemented turn into ashes, and now, to cap it all of, our strongest ally has unilaterally called for her citizens to leave or not to travel to Somaliland.

This is the first time that Somaliland had been subjected to such a humiliation. And even worse our bumbling Foreign minister and his equally incapacitated colleague at the Home ministry found about the warning from the British Foreign Office website!

Where were the ties with our friends in London? What happened to the shared information? To the diplomatic way of doing things? Have we, rightly or wrongly, being lumped with the madness in Somalia after all these years?

What happened to the people who handled the terrorist attacks in 2008 with such courage and finesse? I tell you where they are, they have all been replaced by non-entities, who have been finally exposed as unable, incompetent and utterly worthless.

President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud “Silaanyo” addresses the parliament today, if he was a strong leader, he would sack the pair. But, he is not, and even more disturbingly, he appears to be infirm and out of touch. Or, does he actually approve of Somaliland’s slide into to the ranks of basket cases like Somalia? I don’t think so. I hope I am wrong, for I believe that the President is a patriot, but, if these two ministers do not do the honourable thing and resign, then he should fire them.

Somaliland and its people take great pride in their many achievements, but above all, they take great pride in the fact that Somaliland had men and women who were made of the right stuff running the country. Today, this is not the case.

Britain has the right to tells its citizens whatever it wants, but as a friend, they always took into account our sensitivities. However, having seen the mettle of the people running things in Somaliland today, they did what they had to do.

It doesn’t matter that the Somaliland intelligence services had, allegedly, uncovered some suspicious movements by certain people in the country, as well as, arrested two people

carrying some pretty nasty stuff. That should have been the start of this episode.

If these two ministers had any ability, they should have managed the matter in a way that put Somaliland in a positive light;

We have uncovered a possible terror alert

We have made the arrest

We have consulted our friends in the UK and come to an agreement as a precautionary measure, foreign nationals should be more vigilant

We are working to resolve the matter so that any departed foreign national can return as soon as possible.

No such luck, one minister was in Dubai trying to flog Somaliland’s greatest asset, the Port of Berbera, whilst the other one was stuck between two mayoral rivals in Zeila.

It is the wish of every patriot to serve their country and their people, in any capacity, sadly sometimes some people just don’t know their own limitations.

If they had any honor or self-respect left, both ministers would tender their resignation, whether the president accepts or rejects it, is another r matter.




  1. All i can say is i find your logic rather weak. Amid a strong political storm in the region you seem to be advocating acts that further weaken the foundations we have in place to see us through this storm.

    Your unadulterated attack of two of the hardest working members of the Somaliland-Republic government is rather shallow and at best to be taken as whimsical-internet banter. I'd like to reserve judgement and return the ball back in your court, please make an application for those political posts and if you have the credentials you may be considered in future governments where you may show us all how you can execute the duties of those offices more efficiently. At a time when attacks against Somaliland-Republic are plenty rather then emotional outbursts let us hope the REAL Somalilanders put forward constructive advise.

    One does not have to like the personality of a specific political figure HOWEVER an individual with limited view, limited clearance on confidential data, limited grasp of matters of state internal or external affairs should seek knowledge first and foremost. Somalialnd-Republic's politicians are faced with decisions and information that seldom reaches the public eyes and ears let alone the diaspora community that is 100s of Miles away from the State.

    If anything dear author we should respect these individuals who have taken an oath to suffer humility, to withstand criticism, to smile in the face of adversity, to swallow their pride and to keep secrets close to their chest that could destroy the moral fiber of Somaliland's social cohesion.

    In an Unrecognized State fighting against all odds i think you are asking for too much Sir. Your insensitivity alludes one to suspect that you possess ulterior motives for your emotional outburst is rather self defeatist considering the current political climate…

    Have a good day.

    • I seconded your comment. These two gentlemen, are the two most hard working individual in Silanyos cabinets.

    • Buuxiye, love the way you use the language, very good. But, I stand by arguments, neither Dr. Omar or Duur is fit or able or competent. Please, try not to defend the indefensible. As for applying for the job, why not! You know nothing of my qaulifications or abilities. Brother, I am a Somalilander and I love Somaliland, but I am not going to stick my head in the sand like an ostrich and remain silent, when the likes of Dr. Omar and Duur are not serving either Somaliland or its people. It is what it is, and if you had an ounce of impartiality, you will see that.

  2. when do Somalia say enough is enough? somalia have tried everything to bring the Ethiopian stooge (SNM) on board for peaceful agreement but realistically the Ethiopian stooge (SNM) don't want peace, they will rather continue in this delusional path of colonial white trash village which is a suicidal because they are waging war against unionist somali clans. The ethiopian stooge (SNM) are rag-tag force, poorly in combat and most of their weapons are defunct and worn out. I say let's just get in Hargeisa do what we gotta do and get out.

    • You seem to hate white people yet you claim benefit in the UK. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you which is ironic considering you are of the darood sub-clan which are famous for such actions.

    • Faroole's speech says otherwise.

      Somaliland-Republic is a Role model for Somalia-Italia-federation of which puntland-province is the most successful since 1998.

      If Puntland denounces it's claim over Somaliland territory we can build a New alliance together where we will happily assist Puntland to gain domination in Somalia-Italia-federation. It is clear Somaliland-Harti groups add no advantage to puntland's existence as such denouncing eastern somaliland and changing puntland constitution with amendment to the puntland territory as Bari, Nugaal and 80% of Mudug.

      Puntland must be conscious of history if Abgaal's New Victory pioneers of 25,000 strong plus 20,000 Amisom attack puntland the Majeerteen need to have friends who will give them safety against the brutal regime of Hassan Mahamoud.

      Hawiye invasion of puntland is a likely possibility since the USA Recognition… If Puntland resists it will be considered a terrorist enclave… The clock is ticking.

      • kkkk,what a lunatic person. Puntland will tell you where to go since you don't have sense of direction. one INCH territory belongs to PUNTLAND STATE OF SOMALIA is non negotiable .this is well decomented 2005 officials from Puntland and somaliland region met, Puntland told somaliland it's time to change your one vision policy "where is the RECOGNITION" or face full humilliation. today what we see is, what Puntland told somaliland region complete failure. sometime is good to listen someone with larger brain.

        In reality Hasan culusow or i may say Hawiye they can't come Puntland or Jubbaland. hawiye moryaan millitia will stay only where hawiye inhabite that is for SURE or face full scale blood path. i have no idea where this 25,000 coming from it looks MYTH. first, IC will not arm one clan infact turkish goverment with drew millitary assistance, because they find out the whole hassan culusow project was baseless and it could ignite again civil war in somalia.

        Again,ppl like you don't understand technical side of politics. somali republic was RECOGNIZE 1 july 1960 not 17/1/2013. but what U.S done was bring somalia back world Erina. also this recognition it does not mean hassan culusow his goverment will get anything they want. it's very clear IC policy towards somalia as a whole ( FEDERAL SYSTEM) will safeguard somalis co-existance.

        Since somaliland secessionist fail the clock is ticking for them because AU,EU,US, brand them terrorist and before you know it AU+ETHIOPIAN forces will knock yours ofcourse with the blessing EU,US.

      • @Buuxiye84p

        looooooool you wana use that phrase yea the enemy of my enemy is my friend hehe. It true we have be at each other each throat especially with regard in SSC which has gone far too long.
        One thing I disagree with You is Abgaal are not a threat to our Puntland existence, Infact they are our safety pets because Mj freed them from the claws of Habar Gidir. Abgaal might interfere from time to time to poke their noses in Kismayo or test Puntland but after all the president is abgaal.

        Puntland have only two enemies Habar Gidir & Isaaq.

        Habar gidir were long destroyed they are torn into pieces and divided into sub sub sub like sacad and saleebaan. Isaaq are next.

        Puntland has its own constitution, its own territory

        5 Ayn
        6 Karkaar
        7 Haylaan

        Transitional Federal Charter of the Somali Republic clearly says that Sool, Sanaag and Ayn belongs to Puntland. We don't believe in colonial Borders and we ask the Ethiopian stooge (SNM) to peacefully withdraw SSC.

  3. Folks, I tell you fellows..Somaliland is between 3 main daredevils, Mogadiscio,Garowe,Djibouti.
    However, Djibouti aint a big bothersome problem for Somaliland for obvious reasons.
    Garowe and Mogadiscio are the real bothersome problems for Somaliland for obvious reasons.
    However, Somaliland isn't only expert clandestine catalyst in policies and politics but also a
    strong leading opponent against all challenges of evil minded adversaries and already proved
    as such. Somaliland looks forward to deal with the conflicts of both Garowe and Mogadiscio and
    ready to face the two conflicts on their face values. It's a matter of which one is good enough for
    Somaliland..Garowe or Mogadiscio???? The coming talks between Hargeisa and Mogadiscio
    would be deciding factors???

  4. My dear Mr writer of this article, will you be better than these two gentlemen if you take their positions?. If your answer is yes, what is your proof. In other word what have done for somaliland. I for one will support you if you just convenience me. Take Americans as an example, the whites hate the blacks. but they like what blacks do, such as music, sports and politicians, Mr Obama, Luther king and others.
    Prejudice is a form of craziness.assess a person according to his good performance and not his tribal belongs.

    • I think you miss the point, brother, it is not about taking their position. Both guys failed, and Somaliland is not short of talented people, so, is not better for them to make way for others. Do think that they are both a success? If so, then that is fine. But, let us be realistic the UK thing was straw the broke the camels back, both ministers responsible were absent without leave! It is not about "hate" black or white. People are appointed to do a job, they try, they either succeed or fail. There is no shame in that, and yes, by Allah I could do a better job than both

  5. @ Diehard
    You need to face the reality and stop wasting the dream that will never come true.
    22 years have passed and you still waiting for what?no one will recognise you.it's over———————- get over with!!!!

    You need to come home.
    Somalia One Nation.

    • get off the welfare u darood rat somaliland will kick ur zoomalian a$$ into the indian ocean lol

      • @Abdiwahab
        are you F**k dumb Galmudug is Habar Gidir. what is it with you lot (Isaaq) why is everything has to be Darood?

  6. I agree with the article. Both ministers have failed in their duties. They have tried, but have been found wanting, there is no shame in that. They know and we know that. There is no shame in saying I have done my best, it was not good enough, there are countless talented Somalilanders who will move things forward. But, it is not good to hang around and try and justifiy your own personal or political shortcomings. Really, Dr. Omar and Mohamed Nur "Duur" are in over their heads.

    • Saleebaan Xaaji you said it well. There is no shame to say I could not do it. We know that our standing on the international arena has suffered a big blow. Dr. Omar just flies in and out of the country but brings no books no results. He just repeats waa markii ugu horaysay ee meeqaam sare nalagu qaabilay. He put us in deep trouble when he closed down our offices in Europe and Africa and now we see how his lack of cooperation with the UK has damaged our reputation. Mr Mohamed Duur mismanaged the Saylac conflict and the Hargaysa demonstration. They should both go.

  7. Silanyo and his administration have demoralised all Somalilanders. The sooner they are out, the better. Inshallah Khayr

  8. Galmudug..Somaliland is here to stay. Somaliland preceeded Somalia, and will out last Somalia. By the way, since your moniker is Galmudug, your credentials are weak! What on earth are you doing trawling Somaliland websites, surely, you have better things to do, like get the whole of Galkacyo on your side…

  9. @mohamed cheers

    Damn right I am PIS AKA Puntland Intelligence Agency
    I'm gonna hunt them Ethiopian stooge (SNM) down and skin em' alive. I have already infiltrated the hargeisa locals where they even provided me a young and beautiful woman.

  10. If the widows, grievers and separatists have any honour and dignity they should stop grieving about the past and claim their piece of the Somali pie. No one is chasing them, we fought a regime and so did many Somalis, we were SNM, SSDF, USC, etc….those days are long gone.

    Somalia has since went through so many phases but the southern Somalis never complain about their misfortunes, they just hope for a better day….while we Isaaq habro romaines about the past like naago.

    I am not feeling this taacsi politics of the Isaaq and nor are 80% of the voiceless population who just see them being even more isolated….in worse cases.

    Just because few lost relatives they want everyone to grieve with them…I tell them get over it. Death is natural part of life, you breed again and plant a new seed.

    No need to ask few useless guys from two sub-clans to resign when in reality they don't even control anything outside Morgan's house and Amina Tuugo Weris' kitchen.