1427191625116By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland immigration service and police officials today apprehended 17 would be illegal immigrants of Ethiopian origins being smuggled through the country by human traffickers destined for the Middle East.

Major Jama Mohamed Warsame, the head of immigration service for Maroodi Jeh region speaking to members of media during a press conference held today at the national immigration headquarters displayed the illegal immigrants 16 men and one woman who were being ferried by a light cargo vehicle while concealed in cartoon boxes in Hargeisa.1427191626591

These illegal immigrants were being transported through the country (Somaliland) destined for Bosaso in Puntland where they would board boats for Yemen and finally Saudi Arabia illegal immigrants are risking their lives to catch up better life. They use different means to reach their destination, while many of them die on the way.


“We have managed in the past to apprehend illegal immigrants who had entered the country illegally from neighboring countries with intentions of boarding boats headed to countries in the Middle East e.g. Saudi Arabia”, he stated.

Immigration service officer added, “Since the begin of these year we have managed to arrest nearly a hundred and so would be illegal immigrants and we have also arrested a dozen people of suspected human traffickers while confiscating 10 transport vehicles at the same time.