media3By Staff

Scandinavian based International Media Support and FOJ Media Institute-Linnaeus University respective Programme Managers Messrs Line Wolf Nielsen and Kevin Burden respectively revealed their organizations’ initiations of programmes in line with media sector to support the industry in the country.

The revelations were announced by Somaliland Journalist Association Chairman Mr. Mahmoud Abdi Jama when the duo paid the local association a courtesy call at its headquarters.

The Media men were in an orientation visit in the country whereby they expect to initiate media support programmes, come March.

They were received warmly and were given a detail background and status of the media industry in Somaliland.

SOLJA welcomed the Scandinavians’ move and explained the needs of the journalists and reporters in the country, especially as concerns the upgrading of their skills and capacity building.

He unveiled to them tailored plan that SOLJA has newly put in place for the next three years.