The sixth point of the Communique of London Conference on Somalia held on February 23, 2012 raised the need for the international community to support any dialogue between Somaliland and Somalia. Following that recommendation of the conference, the first direct talks between the two countries opened at The Chevening House in the outskirts of London on June 20, 2012 issuing what was known as the Chevening House Declaration intended to pave the way for presidential meeting. Then, for the first time for over 21 years, the presidents of Somaliland, His Excellency Ahmed Mohammed Silanyo, and the former president of Somalia, His Excellency Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, met in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on June 28, 2012 and agreed to continue the talks.

The Current Situation of Somalía

Somaliland declared itself independent nation of Somalia in 1991 to restore its independence achieved on June 26, 1960 after Somalia committed genocidal and destructive acts against Somaliland people in the years from 1984-1988. Since 1991, Somalia was no man’s land and became red meat for all the Five Somali peoples in the Horn of Africa. It is not governed by its own people but half of those running the country are government post- seekers and fugitives coming from Somaliland, Somali Ethiopian Region, Somali Kenyan Region and Djiboutians who wrapped themselves in Somaliwein banner that does not exist. All the successive governments of Somalia were based on the false, elusive notion of “Greater Somalia” that has not been achieved yet and no one knows when and how it will come true.

“Greater Somalia” has the same analogy with “Greater Arab World” to day. There are around 18 Arab Countries in the Middle East and North Africa and no one shares government, nationality, and borders with another one whilst the government of Somalia has constantly become victim of a bunch of fugitives and government post-seekers from all the other four Somalis thus hijacking the parliament and the government of Somalia. The major reason of why Somalia is unstable and failed state for 22 years perpetuating brutal civil wars in the country is because Non-Southerners in the government and in the parliament prefer to keep it restive and in political turmoil in order to keep collecting blood money from the instability. This war profiteering will continue in Somalia until the traditional and political leaders as well as intellectuals of Somalia come to their senses and expel Non-Southern elements from their parliament and government.

Somalia would be peaceful and stable country long ago if it were controlled and ruled by its own people. Besides oppressions, repressions, displacements, destructions, and atrocities committed against Somaliland people, the all Somali-Shared-Government under the false umbrella of Somaliwein is another major reason of why Somaliland People do not want to share any union with Somalia. The regime of Siad Barre turned the union government of Somaliland and Somalia into government shared by all Somalis in the Horn of Africa. Most of the military generals and government officials were Somali Ethiopians and Somali Kenyans who widely and willingly participated in the atrocities against Somaliland people in1980S. Somaliland people want to have their own government to control their own destiny and prevent another atrocities.

Somaliland government was hasty to open talks with Somalia without defining the essential conditions for the talks and taking Somalia to the task of making sure that the dialogue take place between Somaliland and Somalia only and not between Somaliland and Somaliwein. As we all know, the unrectified doomed union of 1960 was between Somaliland and Somalia only. Djibouti, Somali Ethiopian Region, and Somali Kenyan Region were never part of it. It is also important to know that the no-man’s government of Somalia is easily manipulated by the Non-Southern ministers and parliamentary members who are adamantly oppose the independence and recognition of Somaliland as that is detrimental or harmful to their profiteering interest in Somalia. Somaliland government must set conditions for any future talks to preempt any infiltration of Somaliwein elements and war profiteering groups in Somalia that could put the talks at danger.

Three Indispensable Conditions For Restarting Talks With Somalia

1. That the talks be held between Somaliland (Former North) and Somalia (Former South) only because they were the two countries that shared the ill-fated union. Elements from Djibouti, from Somali Ethiopian Region, and From Somali Kenyan Region must not be allowed to participate in the talks because they were not signatories of the union between Somalland and Somalia on July 1, 1960. Somaliland elements who fled to Somalia for personal greed and interest must not be allowed too to participate in the talks because the talks are not between Somaliland and Somaliland. These disloyal elements have already betrayed their country and their people and are not shy to side with Somalia in the talks to undermine Somaliland independence. Even though they are despised and disrespected by the Southerners, they are used by Somalia to fight and weaken Somaliland statehood. The talks are not between Somaliland and Somaliwein or between Somaliland and Somaliland. The talks are between Somaliland and Somalia only, and the members of the two sides for the talks must come from Somaliland and from Somalía only.

2. That ProSomalia elements that hail from Somaliland must be expelled from the government and parliament of Somalia as it is impossible to hold talks with a government that harbors elements that are hostile to Somaliland independence, and at the same time, undermining the talks to blindly support Somalia for their own benefits.

3. And that the talks must be about future bilateral relations between the two countries and about serving justice for the victims in the mass graves. The talks may be difficult and excruciating and may face stalemate at the end as Somalia wrongly believes still that Somaliland is a province of Somalia, the same mistake they did during the thirty [30] years of the ill-fated union, and would like to throw it into the chaotic commotion of Somaliwein fold that it suffers from currently.

Why Somaliland People Reject another Union With Somalía

Somalia has still the mentality of 1960 that denied Somaliland people of having their share from the union government and that treated Somaliland as one of the provinces of Somalia such as Mudug and Bay instead of recognizing it as an independent state eager to make union with Somalia to pioneer Greater Somalia that became abortive at the end. The ignorant, arrogant leaders of Somalia still believe that Somaliland is run by Mogadisho as the appointments given to Somaliland betrayers point out. The leaders of Somalia have trust in these elements from Somaliland believing that they represent Somaliland and will bring It back to the fold of Somalia failing to understand that the question of Somaliland is not something that can be changed by individuals. It is a question of self determination of a nation that shoulders its destiny. Somalia understands well that these disloyal elements hailing from Somaliland can not set foot on Somaliland soil without prosecution. Their appointments is just desperate attempt to make one believe that Somaliland Republic is still a part of Somalia. Somaliland outsmarts deception.

Since the birth of Somaliland Republic,the successive government of Somalia declared political war against Somaliland independence by assigning political positions to Somaliland betrayers in order to curtail its recognition and openly fight it through diplomatic means around the world. These diplomatic wars are futile because Somaliland people are determined to be independent of Somalia.These elements who betrayed their homeland and their people do not belong to both countries, as some claim, but they belong to Somalia where they serve embarrassingly.

Somaliland and its people had suffered enough with great
cruelty in the hands of Somalia. History can not be erased. They will never forget the oppression, the suppression, the imprisonments, the torture, the massive displacements, the destruction of cities, and the genocidal acts committed mercilessly against them. The Equipo Peruano Antropologia Forense, EPAF [Forensic Investigator International Team] is currently in Somaliland to identify the over 60,000 bodies believed to be in mass graves. So far, 226 mass graves have been uncovered and the smallest mass grave is believed to hold 12 bodies. The findings were: Hargeisa: 200 Mass Grave Sites, Berbera: 12 Mass Graves, Buroa: 8 Mass Graves, Sheikh: 1 Mass Grave, Erigavo: 2 Mass Graves, Gabiley: 2 Mass Graves, Arabsiyo: 1 Mass Grave. These innocent civilians were taken out of their homes late at night and summarily executed in the years 1984,1985, 1986, 1987, and 1988 because of the name of their clan.

Mass graves are war crimes against humanity and gross violations of human rights and have nothing to do with amnesty given for ordinary civil wars within a nation to stop revenge and restore peace and unity. War Crimes Cases belong to the International Court of Justice in Hague. Justice must be done for the victims in the mass graves at Hague. If SNM Forces did not fight valiantly everywhere in Somaliland against the atrocious military of Siad Barre to rescue the rest of the people, the genocidal acts would be much greater and would have the scale of the genocide that took place in Rwanda in 1994. Somaliland people still hear the cries of their innocent civilians massacred at midnights, they still see their innocent bodies being dumped like animal carcasses into mass graves throughout Somaliland. Their sad voices are indelible in their hearts and in their souls.

Downplaying massacring Somaliland innocent civilians in the mass graves, the leaders of Somalia claim that killings took place in Somalia too while the bodies in the only known mass grave in Somalia belong to Somaliland people too. Around 46 Somaliland civilians were taken out of their homes at Buulo Hubey, Mogadisho, by Siad Barre’s Red Berets and summarily executed at Jaseera Beach at midnight on July 17, 1989. Targeting certain people for ethnic cleansing is different from unintended killings and tribal persecutions in civil wars. Somaliland people were not responsible for the brutal killings in Somalia but Somalia was responsible for the genocidal acts against Somaliland people. Denying the responsibility of massacring the victims in the mass graves is adding an insult to the injury. The massacred civilians will not go in vain and will be at the forefront and center of all talks between Somaliland and Somalia. Any prospects of reunification with Somalia becomes impossible with such magnitude of ethnic cleansing and that is why Somaliland adamantly rejects it. As Bosnia Herzegovina and Kosovo can not be forced to reunify with Yugoslavia that committed horrifying atrocities against them in the 1990s, Somaliland can not be forced to return to the killing fields of Somalia too.

What Somaliland Should Do If The Talks Break Down.

If the talks between Somaliland and Somalia fail officially and become ill-fated because of the wrongful insistence of Somalia that Somaliland is part of Somalia and that it will not recognize it, then Somaliland will move forward proudly with its irreversible independence. Somaliland does not occupy land and people from Somalia but remains within its own colonial borders as any other African country. If Djibouti can not be forced to join union with Somalia because of being part of “Greater Somalia”, then Somailand can not be forced either. The peoples of Somali Western Region in Ethiopia, and Somali North Eastern in Kenya are particularly obsessed with the return of Somaliland to Mogadisho because they want to regain and control Somaliland and Somalia in order to reside, rule, and enrich themselves with their wealth as they did in the thirty (30) years of the ill-fated union. What do the peoples of Somali Western Region in Ethiopia and Somali North Eastern Region in Kenya are sharing with Somaliland and Somalia if their territories are still occupied to justify their participation in so called “Somaliwein Government? NOTHING. Why don’t they stay in their territories to take part in their autonomous rule in their lands instead of running to Mogadisho? Because they want to seize the power and control of other countries that do not belong to them under the false umbrella of “Somaliwein” for their own benefits.

Somaliland liberated itself from non-existent “Somaliwein” umbrella based on opportunism and selfishness and is run by its own people but that false idea still controls Somalia where it is heavy burden on its people economically, socially, and politically. Ruling and looting Somaliland under imaginary umbrella of “Somaliwein” is over. The idea of “Greater Somalia” (Somaliwein) emerged in the middle of the Second World War [1939-1945] and the main objective was to liberate the five Somali Territories and bring them together under the same banner and government in the Horn of Africa. That idea of “Greater Somalia” could not succeed so far and there are no hopeful prospects to make that dream come true.

Somaliland has the most important recognition that it needs and that is the recognition of its own people. That self-recognition will bring, soon or later, the recognition of the international community, In Shaa Allaah. Taiwan is not recognized country since 1971 and it is one of the most developed countries in Asia today. Somaliland people are peace loving nation and have no intentions at all to make aggression to its neighbors without being attacked first. If the talks break down officially and then Somalia becomes hostile to Somaliland and threatens it with war, then Somaliland people, a heroic, patriotic nation, is ready to repel any attack from Somalia to defend its independence. Somaliland did not come with request; it was born with bloodied sword, and will stay here with bloodied sword if needed.

Ibrahim Hassan Gagale



  1. Emotions aside, Somaliland has already decided its destiny.. It has carved out a new course and is also poised to boldly go where no African or Muslim nation has ever gone before. We can debate all day, but this would not alter the reality that exists today, that is Somalilanders will not blindly hand over their achievements nor will it delay its progress in peace building, security, burgeonng homegrown hybrid democracy, institition building and economic development despite all odds. Good luck to those who hate us for being the light of Somali people and Africa.

  2. What a waste of time. As always, daydreaming, lies and falasies are all over this what is supposed to be called article. I know that fowziya did punch you on where it hurts, but these cheep tacticks will not work. You claim, that southerners despise and disrespect her, and obviously, you were just expressing your personal hate towards her. Every somali person, from wherever place they might be, think that she is a great thinker and a great woman. Fowziya has supporters within somaliland more than those of silaanyo and you deliberately excluded that from your article. The talks round 1960, 1991, and british, plus italian colony are long time gone.

    This is the beginning of the end, and i hope i'll see a change in your writing once this tribal adminestration is down.

  3. The preconditions laid down in the masterpiece article are all valid and have the full
    knowledge of the Somaliland Foreign Minister and his Govt under the wise leadership of
    the President DR AMM Silaanyo. DE jure Somaliland before and after 1991 to current has nothing
    to fear and worry about for as long as its demarcation international colonial British protectorate boundaries are clearly defined and documented under the UN universal Charter.

      If a referendum comes, rest assure at least (minimum) 70+% will choose union. Bare in mind that this time you will not be able to first, corrupt the system and vote two times or more which happened on the latest so called ''Somaliland election''. Second, it will not be exclusively an ''Is@@q'' participated referendum. Third, within "Is@@q' clan, more and more people are speaking out against the separatisms. You (separatists) will have no chance I'm afraid. And it is for that reason why the ''Is@@q leaders'' are keen towards negotiating with the south.

  4. There is NO way an individual who for their own self-interest left the motherland Somaliland for Somalia then, appoint to a position in Somalia government, will ever speak for Somaliland people. The people of Somaliland has made their decision very clear, they will never again be part of Somalia.

    The only option the world communities have now, is maybe, to ask Somaliland people for one more referendum, even though that itself was decided in 2001 referendum when 97% of Somaliland people voted for total withdrawal from a failed unity with Somalia.

    No Country or Counties, will ever force Somaliland into a failed marriage.

    • ''The people of Somaliland has made their decision very clear''….Speak for you separatists Is@@qs you idiot. Everyone knows including the IC that the other clans in that region want to be part of Somalia. And it is for that reason why the IC is pressuring the Is@@q separatists leaders to make a deal with the south because recognition of Is@@qland will never come from Somalia or the IC. The IC and Somalia already gave seats to Dir in the new Somali federal republic. They are the ones that will lead and represent the face of the North. You lost the war mate give up.

      • Sir,

        First of all, think before you write garbage on this website, I do not belong to the clan you stated about. Secondly, I know now why some of this clan say people like you are just obsessed with the name issack clan. I am arguing for referendum in all former British Somaliland territory, where IC can come observe the result, if majority of people in that region,vote for separation I am for it and again, if majority of them vote for unity I will support their wishes. Can you pledge to support the wishes of Somaliland people without calling names? Otherwise, you and I will not be in the same league.

        • Nice said Hartis prefer to live under rule of Habashi and Bantu rather than with their fellow somalilander brother and sister specially Issaq. Just check other side of Buhoodle village where Habashi flag fly high and their people behave as very kind boy while they like playing great warrior in SL becoz of love BS somalinimo. Pitiful.

    • What is better than freedom in this World a Country will have a respect if it is self releance and it govern by using the fund generated from its revenue and not from begging like Somalia. First clean your house and start to generate fund of revenue from your resources and develop yuorselves and stand by yourselves than you will be respected and forget about clamming something that you do not belong and let alone The Republic of Somaliland as it has already taken off long time ago and it has no way backward and the only thing is to live in good harmony in a two brotherly state in East Africa I hope you understand the situation.

  5. @ilyas so why are wasting your time, so then if i am day dreaming why don't come to gabiley they i will show the neo SNM ready to die once again for their land….keep on hiding behind then bantu soldiers.
    and for you informations. madame fozia or fozio (the waalaweyn version) she is married to a hawiyeh man
    in our tradition she belong to the south and she got not supporters. if she does let see if she set foot in somaliland……minister of foreign affaires kooyeh….kkkk

    • Something is wrong with isaaq. Are they under influence of khat? Waryaada, how many times i have to tell you. No one is going to recognize ur clan maamul.
      Awdal state gudabursi wants nothing to do with you.
      Khatumostate dhulbante wants nothing to do with you.
      Makhirstate warsengali wants nothing to do with you.
      Habaryoonis wants nothing to do with habarjeclo govt.
      IC will not recognize kh@ldaans who kill other clans.

      • SomaliJewinty.

        2-Countries joined in 1960ies.

        We are happy with our country and ask you to be happy with yours! it is not too much to ask. For your info:

        – Hassan Mahamoud does not even control his Villa Somalia and without the HELP of the Bantu soldiers he would have his head, arms and feet cut of along with all his ministers. To compare your retarded President SELECTED by 271votes all of which were bought in plain view, to a Majority ELECTED PRESIDENT is rather childish and outright hilarious to say the least but hey keep laughing because soon you and all your useless People will need strict VISA to enter our country.

        – Ahmed ismail samatar
        – Ali Khalif Galayr

        These two men are very intelligent and educated however they were treated like Foreigners from another country during the Somalia-Italia elections why?

        93% of Somaliland-Republic voted for independence in a referendum in 1991. This vote is not one which can be ignored and will have to be respected in accordance with the basic dictates of democratic existence. Where there are those who are willing to challenge it's validity then one is also motivated to challenge the validity of the 1960-un-ratified-Union of states.

        We will never vote for a REUNION and hence our 93% vote for Independence will enter history as the end of the Union.

        • white trash worshiper (Buuxiye) There was never referendum held in 1991 in burco infact it was mainly Issaq led gathering along with the Ethiopian stooge (SNM) who kidnapped darood elders from Sool, Sanaag and Cayn who had be forced to sign a separation agreement and the other referendum held again in 2001 was again another plot by Issaq and the Ethiopian stooge (SNM) in a bid to mislead the international community.

          • PuntGay

            I don't remember Somaliland Majority attending the 1960 Unity. In facts the union was unratified and the terms of the Union were never adhered to and when this case goes to international court of LAW the union will be annulled without question.

            You people do not hold any documents that support a Union ever occurred and if you had to proof the union was ratified you do not posses the evidence.

            Whereas we have all the documents to support the violation of the 2-STATE term of Union and we also have evidence to support that 100% of Somaliland clans were present during the 1991 Reclamation of Independence and reaffirmation of the sovereignty of Somaliland-Republic. Ali Khalif Galydh was present both in the Boorame Meetings and the Burco meeting and on both occasions he arrived of his own free will.

            2-STATES Join 1960 which was Dissolved in 1991 unilaterally all that remains in the up coming 2-STATE dialogue process is to convince the Divorced STATE to acknowledge our 18-May-1991 Re-Independence on account of Protecting Future relations between the 2-STATES. Where you choose aggression then you better loose the Federal nonsense and stand together to be crushed like a cockroach in your sewage.


        • why can you not think for one second? In 1991 there was civilwar till 2011. Now we have peace in Mogadishu, isaacs are coming to the capital for jobs! There are uprisings in Somaliland from Zaylac till Buuhoodle. So what does that tell you? The other 4 clans are tired of maamulka isaacland. Khatumo dhulbs are gone, awdalland gudabursi follow their step, maakhirland is in the making. Your claim of 93% referedum results is invalid because at that time the dhulbs, gudabursi and isaaq were united. Now if IC hold referendum in Isaacland, Dhulbland, Gudabursiland, warsangeliland and issaland only isaac will vote yes for secession.

        • Buuxiye why can you not think for one second? In 1991 there was civilwar till 2011. Now we have peace in Mogadishu, isaacs are coming to the capital for jobs! There are uprisings in Somaliland from Zaylac till Buuhoodle. So what does that tell you? The other 4 clans are tired of maamulka isaacland. Khatumo dhulbs are gone, awdalland gudabursi follow their step, maakhirland is in the making. Your claim of 93% referedum results is invalid because at that time the dhulbs, gudabursi and isaaq were united. Now if IC hold referendum in Isaacland, Dhulbland, Gudabursiland, warsangeliland and issaland only isaac will vote yes for secession.

      • I am from Awdal and support Somaliland sovereignty 100% so tell that to your sick mind.

        • Son of somaliland your imposter your not gadabuursi. gadabuurai are nationalist aka somaliweyn they are not like Isaaq who believe in white trash borders. somaliland can only separate from somalia within tribal borders. khaatumo will merge with puntland and awdal will become a small island.

          • Puntgay and Somalijewnity

            Somaliweyn needs Independence not Occupation!

            – Somalia-federation is under occupation by AU-trusteeship.

            According to Somaliweyn the Objective was to free Kilil and NFD not to turn Somalia-Italia into a somali-federation all under the trusteeship of AU. Hassan, Sharif and Abdullahi Yusuf, Siyad bare all gaveup on Somaliweyn.

            Somaliweyn was surrendered in 1984 by Siyad bare's Kacaan government when he signed a treaty with Ethiopia to abandon Kilil forever.

            Every politician in Moqadishu Since 1984 has not believed in Somaliweyn so please do not lie to yourself. It was not Somaliland-Republic that gave any Somali soil to the enemy and today we stand fighting for the freedom from occupation of our portion of Somaliweyn. Anyone who believes in Somaliweyn cannot ignore the occupation of Somalia-federation and they would never be so dishonorable as to solicite Somaliland-republic to lay down it's independence to join the somalia-fedearation under AU-occupation.

            Bring all 5-Regions to a table and then if Somaliland-Republic rejects call them traitors!!!

            For now Somaliland-Republic is fighting for it's independence that is deserves from the fake Au-guarded Government-Ku-Sheeg who cannot go to toilet without exposing their Cawra in-front of a Bantu AU-soldier. Your whole perspective is defeatist and without any merit.

    • Inabti, when did you change your Khaatumo Citizen shirt? I always thought by the time you drop Khaatumo you will be pure Somalilander but now I have realized that you were never shared anything with Somalilanders.

      • @Gujis… Lets differentiate the facts and the fairytale hoax dream you seem to brainwashed yourself with. The 22 years you referring, were 22 years of lies. How can you see yourself as a country when only your clan (Is@@q) are the only ones that endorse this fairytale hoax you seem to believe in? Ignoring the real facts on the ground will only hurt you in the long run. The referendum in 2001 which you guys (Is@@q) seem to use it as evidence, is fraudulent. The IC knows it and frankly all Somalis know it. Just give up you minority separatists, your time has passed. You had 22 years, and yet you haven't even succeed in convincing all the Is@@q people let alone the rest of the people of North-Somalia.

      • no hand. to the other people consideration who do not share you view kkkkkkkkkk other me hand and many other words I GUESS YOU ONLY KNOW HAND'

          • 🙂 so let me get this?

            Somali-federation(somalia-italia) will be represented by hassan NGO who bought 190votes for the opportunity to have ugandhans guard hiss toilet???

            While some are consumed with a hate driven campaign to question the legitimate rule of Somaliland-Republic's President that gained his office through a majority vote from a population of 4Million.

            Diaspora's opinion will not derail the ongoing 2-STATE dialogue process that will further the cause of Peace building in the Horn of Africa.

  6. Once upon of time there was somalia then a Civil war broke then a hawiya moron led by Mohammed Farah Aideed began attacking darood civilians in Mogadishu killing tens of thousands, raping thousands of darood woman and most of all looting and confiscating their properties. After being evicted from mogadishu most of the Daroods clans went back to their respective regions and succeeded carving out their own mini tribal state. Isaaq dissidents and the Ethiopian stooge (SNM) formed Somaliland. Seeing the threat coming from the Ethiopian stooge (SNM), the Harti darood quickly established Puntland mainly to resist the illegal Ethiopian stooge (SNM) expansion onto Harti darood territory and to safeguard somalia's sovereignty then the habargidir follow suit with their galmudug crap and the rest is history. Today there are six major clans in Northern and Eastern Somalia aka Harti clan (majerten, warsangli, dhulbahante) Isaaq, Dir (gadabuursi and ciise). Harti clans including those from gadabuursi and ciise don't believe the colonial borders drawn by a drunken white trash who doesn't wash his own ass with water after he poops. Only one clan aka Isaaq has opted for secession. Somaliland only reprsents the Isaaq clans and can not represent the Harti clans or the Dir clans. The continued interference in jubbaland by Hassan sheikh mohamed and the covering up the horrendous act committed by the Ethiopian stooge (SNM) against the innocent Harti darood (dhulbahante) in khaatumo and to rub salt on to their wounds now Hassan sheikh mohamed wants to negotiate with the Ethiopian stooge (SNM) who committed this hideous crime. This itself is a declaration of war against the large darood clan in the Horn of African. Clan identity are central pillars of Somali society and Hasan sheikh mohamud should avoid taking sides in clan warfare. Somalia doesn't want to go back to the horrors of 1991. Every clan has the right to live in their respective regions without being occupied or forced by another clan.

    • Where is your evidence that 10's of thousands Daroods got killed by hawiye here is mine

      of how Daroods were calling for the genocide of the Hawiye people ?

  7. The IC encouraged Somaliland and Somalia to talk, because they want us to reconcile are differences not because they want you to gain independence. Do you not think that the IC is not aware of the consequences of Somaliland Independence. Somaliland recognition would be the end of Somalia as we know it.

    The IC would like to avoid Somali chaos at all cost and after working so hard to establish Somalia's government. They would not deliberately restart somali clan warfare. which come with lawlessness, piracy, and terrorists. Plus no Arab or Muslim country would recognize or support such a move and to make things even worse not even Ethiopia would recognize you because the consequence for them would be too high.

    Lets be honest the support the Isaaqs gave to Somaliand back in 91 and now are different. Somalia's foreign minster was a die hard Somalilander why did she just jump ship all of sudden. The answer is simple Somalia is has a real shot of become a greater nation then before the civil war.

    • True, back then isaaq support secession because Somalia was shi1hole, now we are coming back. We will never allow our country to be broken in pieces by 40% of isaaq.

    • Daroodlnd geezer

      I am sorry that i had a one night stand with your younger sister, i just had to taste her @ss. I know your mother and father( both darood) want a big strong issaq man to marry her and take care of her but it will be hard because issaq men don't like darood chicks.

      GAROWE WILL BE sh#tthole forever.

    • if u think Somaliland is just tribal issue then u have to request traitors Isse from Djibouti to go back in union as it was supposed to be ( white border lol), ur Darood brother ONLF to figth for joining Somaliweyn project and not tribal enclave called ''Ogaden state''. Focusing first again on Issaq and Somaliland is so hypocrite as they already showed their love for somalinimo and paid heavy price for that. Please also speak for ur clan Darood but not for Awdal as our former President and now VP are from there beside Somaliland institutions was born in Borama. Viva original Somaliweyn or 3 somali states and 2 somali regions. Dont tell one time to respect white border and other time no care about that.!

  8. AFKU KUMA GO'O Gacaliye Ibrahim Hassan. A piece of advise to our brothers in East, do not allow the train leaves the station without you. Somaliland is gone forever and will not come back to the dream of those bloodsuckers who came from different part of the Somali inhabited area in the Horn. Somalia is not for those whom we knew in 1960, and will never ever be the one we knew, because of those blood suckers who are now claim Kismayo.

    Somaliland government and the our President have solidly equipped themselves with the reality that our patriot Ibrahim has divulged in his article and many more. We have enough to rebel those bloodsuckers when the time of negotiations come to effect.

    It's time for Abgaal, Murursade, Habargidir, Dig iyo Mirifle, Xawaadle and others of Somalia proper to wake up and chase those profiteers to go where they come from, because Somalia will never settle down while those allowed to share the country [Somalia] affairs.

  9. Just look at the comments on here they cry for unity but how long could they keep that up even if it happened with their black little hearts. Its easy to sit in your western countries on the internet and talk as if you know whats going on in the ground back home.

    Landers have spoken in election after election, and referendum after referendum. Socrates once said "When the Debate is lost, Slander becomes the tool of the loser" Just look at how they hate Somaliland, they have already lost a war, lost the PR campaign, election after election, referendum after referendum.

    After every article on here they lie about our administrations and Somaliland. If Si lanyo builds a road they say how dare that fat bast ard build a road! If he builds a police station to give the residents of a district more protection they call him a dictator!

    If someone like kenya invests in our universities they mock us and kenya and call us backward, if an oil company invests to start digging they cry that somehow they are entitled to a land they dont own. If someone from the western nations builds a school that becomes successful they mock it, or post comments that its un Islamic, or that we are too backward to even have such a school.

    And they wonder why their house is on fire, when they are rotting inside its hard to be healthy.

    • Dualeh.

      It looks you been left behind have no idea somalis situation now. today somalia every body is holding own territory kismayo is no different it's under the control of rightful owners of this land, I think your still dreaming no wonder looking needle in the haystack "fake recognition" will not happen.

      PUNTLAND+JUBBALAND it's Darood territory and will be defended last drop of blood 100*% guaranteed. Moryan and diluted idor will not be allow to come these areas that for sure………

  10. i was born in hargaisa and now live in england but i totally believe somalia will never seperate because there is no point in dividing the same people,same religion and the same culture so people need to fix up and think about united somalia again to create a better future for the next genaration. people fight and become brothers just like france and germany i dont even know thesewhy unaducated somalis cant get along when they have the same the everything. long life somalia

    • Goodboy, we cannot break down our beautiful somalia for the wishes of 40% isaacs. The other 60% support unity.All the other 4 clans support midnimo. SOOMAALIYA HANOOLAATO

    • kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Iam not f@q@sh, if you need f@q@sh g1us go to buuhoodle naagyahay .
      We dont need kh@ldaan, just leave our f@q@sh and gudabursi brothers and sisters alone, they support somaliweyn.

      • Where is Somaliweyn???

        – Djibouti is the Western military bit-stop.
        – Somalia has volunteered to become an AU-Trusteeship.
        – NFD has accepted Kenyan Ownership.
        – Kilil have accepted Ethiopian Ownership.

        Somaliland-Republic is the last Bastion of Somali freedom on earth. Future generation will read how Somaliland-Republic fought tooth and nail against being forced to submit to Amisom trusteeship alongside Somalia-federation.

        While Somalia-federation is occupied by foreign forces and is an AU-trusteeship asking Somaliland-Republic to form a REUNION is nothing short of asking Somaliland-Republic to also be occupied and submit to AU-trusteeship! NO Thankyou.

        Somaliland-Republic will never submit to AU-Trusteeship, those in Buhoodole who are advocating that Somaliland-Republic surrender it's Sovereignty and it's 18-May-1991 Independence to become part of the occupied Somali-Italia-federation are misinformed and are traitors to Somalinimo and Somaliweyn ideals!

        🙂 Are you people devoid of any Moral boundary?

        Somaliweyn Loyalist checklist:

        1. Respect all 5-Somali regions Equally at all times without discrimination.
        2. Endeavor to free all 5-somali regions from oppression and injustice.
        3. Defend all 5-Somali regions Equally without bias.
        4. Recognize the equality of all 5-sovereign States to preserve their individual territories.
        5. Always work towards the peace of all 5-Somali regions without compromise.
        6. Welcome all 5-regional populations and protect them without question.

        REDRAW your political strategy towards Somali-soils because the future generation will be able to see for themselves who the real 5-column among the Somalis were and who assisted the enslavement of all Somali-regions by shear stupidity and lack of VISION. See beyond your temporary clannish mindset.

        The Independence of each Region is as valuable as the independence of the entirety of Somaliweyn as it is evident in Palestine today for they are accepting even a city-state recognition of their sovereignty when they had the opportunity to have settled for more had they foreseen a need for a different political strategy. If you do not know how to live peacefully accept a teacher that has mastered the art of survival!

  11. @Irir Samaale

    Mohamed Farah Aideed was bent on finishing the darood not only in Mogadishu but even came as far as close to kismayo and gaalkacyo but Darood & Hawiya are not grievers like Isaaq we let go of the past and move forward.

    The Isaaq are very complicated compared to other somali tribes because they are weak, vulnerable with low self esteem always grieving and lost they have lock themselves in a dark room for over 25 years lol.

    You should marry their women so come to Hargeisa I will hook you up with my wife's sister she's 14.

    • F@q@sh puntland are weak, u cannot capture laascaanood. What kind of males are you?
      We will tame kh@ldaans / f@q@sh if they try to capture xamar or any of our city kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

      • There aint no iidooorrr in Laacaanood trust me if they are they probably hiding in a bunker dodging bullets. Laacaanood is way different than those of gudabursi cities where the iidoooorr roams openly in the street.

  12. Sn of Somaliland—– obviously they will vote for independent if referendum was held in hargeisa, burco and berbera which is predominantly inhabited by Isaaq clans, referendum should be held in every city, town and village in all over somalia.

    • Unfortunately 2-STATES joined the departing STATE will get to hold the referendum.

      It is far more intelligent for Hassan-Boqol-iyo-Sagaashan to simply accept a 2-STATE solution and work towards ensuring a better future relationship between the 2-STATES as neighbors.

      2-STATE dialogue failure is detrimental to Hassan190 not Somaliland progress nor our case in front of the international community.

  13. I was born in the miyi near BURCO (the flashpoint of Somalia) and now I live in the Gulf.

    Frankly speaking, I am fed up about seeking recognition for so long a time with no hope appearing upto now. I prefer if we go back to our brothers and negotiate them well this time, with certain tough conditions unlike what we did in 1960.
    It is unwise not to change your mind according to the circumstances and facts on the grounf affecting your long term strategies. I mean I am afraid that (if the South becomes ok) certainly most of Somali clans (or say their intellectual elite, at least, as Fowzia has just done) will sooner or later go to Mogadishu and the unity will come automatically.
    Therefore, we better move and bargain before things fall apart!

    • Somaliland-Republic Reuniting with occupied Somalia-federation = Both occupied

      No thank you!

      Enjoy your modern slavery that you volunteered for!


      • new updates from the white house, the modern day empire of the globe, the press conference concluded couple hours ago, long story short, one Somali reporter asked two questions please go and find out then tell me what think your opinion not communist brainwashing style