By Goth Mohamed Goth

He President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo has meet with representatives of the civil society, women groups and non-governmental organizations today at the Presidential palace.   

The representatives who were mostly drawn from women groups and organizations awarded a certificate of appreciation  to H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo and the First Lady Amina Sheik Mohamed Jirde for their continued role in supporting equality for women and girls which is not only a basic human right, it is also a social and economic imperative.  

President Silanyo receiving the certificate of appreciation
President Silanyo receiving the certificate of appreciation

Speaking at the occasion was Mrs. Kaltuun Hassan Sheik Abdi, chairperson NAGAAD umbrella representing Somaliland women groups said, “You’re Excellency, if I may point to the recently concluded ruling party third convention and in the past we (Women) have being delighted hear those words of encouragement and also your continued advocacies of women’s political participations and equal participation but also for your support girl education and financial empowerment and for those three things , I do hereby on behalf of my fellow Somaliland women say thank you once again.

President Silanyo and Edan Aden
President Silanyo and Edan Aden


The representatives of the Women organizations recommended to the head of state the need for a reasonable quota of seats should be set aside for women and other  minority groups in all the national decision-making institutions because they ‘re currently under-represented in decision-making processes.

President Silanyo addressing the representatives started by saying “As we all know women in Somaliland took a significant and positive role in the different stages of the national reconstruction process, including the initial reconciliation and peace-building, rehabilitation and the most current democratisation stage. “ I think no one needs to be lectured that women are not only the majority of the population but they’re also widely acknowledged to be the glue that binds the social and economic configuration of the country. Women have also assumed a critical role in the progress of the national democratisation process.

“We shouldn’t let outdated clan influences deter us as you’re aware of we tender to select candidates by the clans or sub-clans rather than the Political Parties or Associations and this barriers are the reason women are denied representation in the national decision-making institutions , I hope together we shall be removed soon rather than later because women constitute the majority of the voters, as well as, supporters of the political parties and associations, which has been critical in the establishment of the multi-party democratization programme in the past years”, he said.

lastly President Silanyo stated , “So it’s my duty as the President and any other President in the future to make sure that a reasonable quota of seats should be set aside for women in all the national decision-making institutions, God willing I hope all of us shall work together in achieving this goal.


  1. Glad to hear. I hope more young women and older ones as well take advantage and help to steer the country in the right direction.

    I love how Edna doesnt wear the burqa but stays true to how older Somali women used to dress. I think its her silent protest against the Wahabi/Salafism thats taking hold of the country. She is in her own way saying look you can be a muslim without turning into an arab, you can cover or not cover or cover a little and still retain dignity and self respect without being a walking curtain. Respect her for that!

    Perhaps one day we can have a female president, vice president.